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User ID: #176481
Username: Korua
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Jul 2020, 7:22 pm
Registered: 19 Mar 2020, 12:35 pm

Profile description

Hello! You may have seen me on some forums, haha....
Anyway, I am Korua!

*I am sorry for not responding, but I am currently going offline at the moment. I am practicing fursuit making a bit more, aswell as maybe getting an etsy shop to do art commissions. ( To save up for a mini-partial that I really like, and also to save up for a con later maybe ), and also working on some unfinished art. Also I may or may not have gotten into a fistfight from this girl so uh- ( I won >:3 )

-)A young Fur, hoping to soon be a maker.
-)Wishes to learn Japanese and go to Japan
-) A gamer and Furry
-)A small artist who tries at digital art, but is much better with traditional
-)Very social online, awkward and shy in real life
-)Huge fan of Danganronpa-
-)GIANT fan of Vocaloid <3
*Some favorite songs:
∙ Ghost Rule
∙ World is Mine
∙Ievan Polkka
∙ Matryoshka
∙World's End Dancehall
∙ 1 2 Fanclub ( Meika Hime ∙ Mikoto Cover )
∙ABSOLUTE favorite song: Sadistic.music∞Factory!
Favorite Vocaloid: Gakupo ( His antics are the b e s t )
( Francium is my L I F E . )
•Also I put fake birthday's for some reason. Don't worry, this birthday is real lol

Oh, also...

you kiibo'd in the wrong neighborhood.


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