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Username: Zhampy
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Welcome to Satorl Village, a place of perpetual night. The native denizens of Satorl are all dark creatures with glowing features largely of a blue hue. Anyone is welcome to settle in Satorl so long as the glowing fauna and flora of the surrounding landscape is respected.

Hey, i'm Zhampy!
I'm largely a furry and Pokemon artist!
You can find me on these sites.
If you ever want to chat drop me a message!

FurAffinity | Toyhouse
deviantART | Tumblr | Weasyl
FurryNetwork | Twitter | Flight Rising


- Many Aquatic Costumes <3
- Magical animal husbandry powers >:(
- Animals not in menagerie
- Plushies!
- A house!
- Sheep/Goat villagers!!

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    • THANK YOU generous anon O:

    • thank you for the nice comment about my active c:

    • Oh yes the spider! Yikes. I encountered it for the first time while doing the Exile Fortress quests (I didn't try to get past the lvl 70 monster roaming around the entrance with his herd). I pushed my thumbstick so hard to run away that I almost broke it. I'm a wimp XD That whole chain of quests, man.... with the Indiana Jones-esque finale. Grab the treasure, three huge spiders crawl up the sides (where the heckle did you guys come from?!) run behind towards the edge and jump off! And the Waterfalls! I totally swam riiiight to the edge of the map because I thought there'd be something there. But there wasn't and my thumbs hurt from fighting against the current lol. Is expanding NLA the same as rebuilding Colony 6?

    • I agree, this game really awards curious explorers! Talking about Sororal Statues, I looked at all the tiny platforms and thought, hmmm if I was a level designer I would totally hide something somewhere in these platforms... so I jumped and sidled and dropped to my death a couple of times, but I managed to get onto the statue on the left and mine the ether deposit there. Then just when I thought there was nothing else, I dropped down and found a Statue Fragment at her base! I wouldn't have discovered that if I just went straight to the Windpipe. So charming! I'll miss the characters in XC, if you say XCX has weaker characters :( I looked at some gameplay vids and everyone seems so tropey...

    • I don't like to linger there at night, I'll always rewind the clock back to day. It's lovely, absolutely, but I'm always scared of accidentally triggering the high level monsters there lol. This game is such a gem. I love all the secret areas, especially Believer's Paradise near the start of the game. Even with Wii graphics it's absolutely breathtaking. I'm not that far in myself, just arrived at Frontier Village (I spent waaay too long exploring the Sororal Statues). I'm already eyeing XCX on the Wii U, but it's such a barren console to buy for just one game :(

    • Ahhh Satorl Marsh! I knew the name couldn't be a coincidence! I just passed this area last week. I wish I hadn't abandoned Xenoblade so early when it came out, it's so much fun.

    • It must have worked. XD eshop? I have LOTS of time. I have no life pretty much. XD I'll check it out. I'd need to save up money first probably before I could get it.

    • Woo! It got accepted! It does seem really really pretty, but I love nature as well as bio-luminescent things so ya. Ever since playing SSBB on the WiiU I've been kinda curious about him, maybe a little more because he's one of the characters I'm best playing with. XD One of these days I may try the game.

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