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User ID: #1949
Username: Zhampy
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 7 Aug 2017, 4:08 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:17 pm

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Welcome to Satorl Village, a place of perpetual night. The native denizens of Satorl are all dark creatures with glowing features largely of a blue hue. Anyone is welcome to settle in Satorl so long as the glowing fauna and flora of the surrounding landscape is respected.

Hey, i'm Zhampy!
I'm largely a furry and Pokemon artist!
You can find me on these sites.
If you ever want to chat drop me a message!

FurAffinity | Toyhouse
deviantART | Tumblr | Weasyl
FurryNetwork | Twitter | Flight Rising


- Many Aquatic Costumes <3
- Magical animal husbandry powers >:(
- Animals not in menagerie
- Plushies!
- A house!
- Sheep/Goat villagers!!

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Comments 45

    • I am thoroughly impressed by your Grandia forums avi... Just sayin'.

    • Thank you !!

    • I still liked it a lot?? Also now checking your gallery again you improved a lot?? I love it all

    • you used to be my biggest inspiration in 2013 when i started out on digital art lmao

    • I love how your page looks! I think that area is so pretty, though I've never played the game.
      I was just dropping by to see if that Paintie was accepted yet, but I saw your new page and wanted to comment on it.
      Man that sounds kinda creepy now that I think about it.

    • Heeeyyy Zhampy I know you from Flight Rising! I drew you that picture of Frankinscense for Christmas last year!

    • I was trying to figure out where I recognized your username from, and then I realized it was probably flight rising. :) It's nice to see some familiar peeps from light flight. c:

    • I let my Twitter friends name that poor dragon lmao...never again

    • np, and thank you !

    • aaaa well only if you really want to qoq I would definitely accept FD tho, I always need more FD wheeze
      I guess I'll make this a pay what you want tho! Just, I'd like to wait until the paintie design is finalized with your approval before I'm paid if that's alright qvq I've been a mess lately and it's been making art a struggle, so I dont want you to be short FD for whatever period of time without your paintie

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