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User ID: #26268
Username: Dragonsrus
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Sep 2020, 3:36 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:46 pm

Profile description

Note: I also play FR, MC, VoU, Aywas & DV-all under the same name

Current Goal:

Finish filling menagerie!

31 FD Pets Needed:

Emerald Hognose, Aurora Finch x2 , Iridescent Lobata, Blooming Pet Pine Cone, Mantis Shrimplet, Tanzanite Bauble Crab, Diamond Bauble Crab x2, Molten Worgon x2, Soul-Eater Worgon, Calico Dunk, Nacho Cheese Dunk
Leaf Tailed Gecko x2, Tundra Mini-Mammoth, Long Haired Mini-Mammoth, Day Light Firefly, Mottled Dumbo Rat x2, Feather Friend Dumbo Rat, Japanese Cozy Badger x2
Darling Messenger Lovebirds, Gilded Origameow, Blossom Origameow, Dream Keeper Lil Tapir, Rainy Day Tree Kangaroo x2, Royal Frogament

Villagers 51

Comments 76

    • No problem! If you need anything else before the end of the event let me know!

    • Heya, sorry about not replying, I've only been able to use the net on my mobile, and for some reason it can't handle sending PMs? I don't need the Autumn Catbat, I have them both already!

    • Thank you for your many purchases <3

    • Thankyou, it does :)

    • Thank you for the plush drop!

    • Gonna have to turn him into a doctor here pretty soon to keep up with your voracious appetite for medicine. xD

      You're basically single-handedly funding his equipment pirchases right now, though. Thank you for your continued patronage <3

    • Y'all gonna make me raise my prices again I swear. : U

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