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User ID: #26268
Username: Dragonsrus
Gender: Male
Last Online: 4 Jul 2020, 8:57 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:46 pm

Profile description

Note: I also play FR, MC, VoU, Aywas & DV-all under the same name

Current Goal:

Begin filling menagerie!

FD Pets Needed:
Horned Caterpillar x2
Horned Squirrel x2
Lantern Gulper Eel x2
Emerald Hognose
Zebra Finch
Aurora Finch x2
Iridescent Lobata x2
Blooming Pet Pine Cone x2
Blossom Pawsum
Armoured Armaburlo x2
Carousel Shetland Pony
Tiger Shrimplet
Mantis Shrimplet x2
Tanzanite Bauble Crab x2
Diamond Bauble Crab x2
Molten Worgon x2
Soul-Eater Worgon x2
Koi Munny
Great White Munny x2
Luna Flutter Bandit x2
Calico Dunk x2
Nacho Cheese Dunk x2
Aurora Sky Batpaca
Leaf Cutter Batpaca
Spotted Bull Frog
Poison Dart Bull Frog
Opal Carat Cat x2
Blue Topaz Carat Cat
Meadow Fuzzy Mini Moo
Bell Fuzzy Mini Moo
Solar Spirit Space Lobster
Ethereal Space Lobster
Winter Platyfae
Opulent Peacock x2
Fae Shell Garden Snail
Cherry Blossom Dragonfly
Galactic Nudeer
Leaf Tailed Gecko x2
Masked Sonarphin
Oasis Kapro x2
Tundra Mini-Mammoth x2
Long Haired Mini-Mammoth x2
Banana PJ Parasnore
Slumber Party PJ Parasnore x2
Miren Dobhar-Chu
Chimera Labrador
Enchanted Pond Kelpie
Noveau African Wild Dog x2
Amethyst Geode Cabochark
Panda Teddy Bear
Candy Hoard Faegon
Day Light Firefly x2
Lantern Light Firefly
Dark Lure Imp
Blazing Ember Tortle
Ancient Tortle
Mottled Dumbo Rat x2
Feather Friend Dumbo Rat x2
Sweet Mint Wreathdeer
Glowing Wreathdeer
Festive Lights Decosaur x2
Japanese Cozy Badger x2
Honey Cozy Badger
Light Green Opaline Budgie x2
Lovely Lilac Budgie x2
Cerulean Sea Bunny
Rainbow Prism Puffer
Broken Heart Puffer
Pale Dusk Lovebirds x2
Darling Messenger Lovebirds x2
Gilded Origameow x2
Blossom Origameow x2
Dark Iridescent Scarab
Jewel Scarab
Unicorn Deco Squish x2
Palace Cloud Lil Tapir
Dream Keeper Lil Tapir
Sherbet Boomer
Fancy Gold Glishy
Space Sparkle Glishy x2
Iridescent Lobairy x2
Luminescent Lobairy x2
Dryad Bongrow x2
Meadow Bumblebear
Feral Chiffin
Battle Chiffin
Fawn Bat Dog
Proud Bat Dog
No Longer Fuzzie Worm
Plushie Koala x2
Seascape Harpy Eagle x2
Nesting Harpy Eagle x2
Tortie Tree Kangaroo x2
Rainy Day Tree Kangaroo x2
Forest Decay Phasmid
Blooming Phasmid
Forest Pangolin
Firescale Pangolin
Hallow Moon Lykoi
Blood Moon Lykoi
Butter Turkey x2
Farmer Harvest Mouse x2
Snowy Frogament
Royal Frogament x2
Cozy Winter Ducky x2

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Comments 74

    • Heya, sorry about not replying, I've only been able to use the net on my mobile, and for some reason it can't handle sending PMs? I don't need the Autumn Catbat, I have them both already!

    • Thank you for your many purchases <3

    • Thankyou, it does :)

    • Thank you for the plush drop!

    • Gonna have to turn him into a doctor here pretty soon to keep up with your voracious appetite for medicine. xD

      You're basically single-handedly funding his equipment pirchases right now, though. Thank you for your continued patronage <3

    • Y'all gonna make me raise my prices again I swear. : U

    • How many plushies did you spawned?! :O

    • i think what i sent is correct, please check my math lol

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