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User ID: #27536
Username: Sayori
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 3:49 pm

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IG: cosmicaxolotl | Twitter: FurryRussetFox | Listography: Here! | Ko-fi: Here!

FV User "Hide" -> FV User "Sayori" ♡
I live in Furvilla Time +0 ☆ I try to be on once a day!

Heyo, I'm Skye! ♡ I use they/she pronouns.
♈ | 21 | College Senior | INFJ | Lawful Neutral | Rabbit
Proud pet guardian of an axolotl, a betta, a dog, and two cats!
I have diagnosed anxiety and depression so please treat me gently :')
I'm always open to chat so feel free to leave a comment below or message me anytime!

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    • AH are you me?? fhdjfh lapis is one of my names, we're the same age and both nb... ??? hi!!

    • Just wanna say I agree about the Last Jedi, I loved it so much

    • MochaWishes I think Monika deleted them :C I'm not going anywhere though as much as she threatens to delete me :')

    • Wheres Yuri and Natsuki....

    • Of course, don't stress your neck over it.

    • Not if I delete you first >:)

    • (Also hilariously my username is Sayori on flight rising lol)

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