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User ID: #2819
Username: Moge-ko
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Jun 2020, 12:29 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:43 pm

Profile description

hello darkness my old friend

Hey there welcome to edgeville! About 1% of the population is sane, so walk in with caution and a weapon. Just in case.

fairy_by_mzza_art-dacwqc6.png by mzza

original CSS code by Whipptail

Villagers 16

Comments 29

    • hands u a mogeko <3

    • Thank you for the daisies dear Moge-ko! ♪

    • mogegege

    • Throws a froge

    • Hey, could you tell me where you got this profile css from :O? It's really pretty, and I kinda want it.

    • meows

    • I always get super stoked when I randomly stumble across people from the Funamusea fandom. Hello! :D

    • *Birb sounds* Hello moge-ko

    • hello there is it the killer mogeko i see

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