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User ID: #28466
Username: Lopmon
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:12 pm

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My Wishlist!!!!!!

      ପ︙— Aʙᴏᴜᴛ
     ⊱ Lila / 22 / Female
     ⊱ ♥ DDLC, Pokemon, Warriors, Mother,
       Vinesauce, HxH, Yume Nikki ♥
     ⊱ I collect floral villagers/minipets
     ⊱ Full about here
     ⊱ Feel free to message me if you have questions or just wanna chat.
     ⊱ I live with and share an IP with Gilda

      ପ︙— Vɪʟʟᴀɢᴇ
     ⊱ Welcome to Fairfay!
     ⊱ A divine village resting in the meadows below QP.
     ⊱ Technically a subdivision of QP.
     ⊱ Known for it's flower/medical exports and connection to nature.
     ⊱ Inhabited by creatures with a natural affinity for flowers.
     ⊱ Current mayor: Lila
     ⊱ The earth laughs in flowers!

      ପ︙— Mʏ Gᴜɪᴅᴇs
     ⊱ Redeemables/Freebies

      ପ︙— Mʏ Cᴏᴍᴍɪssɪᴏɴᴇᴅ Iᴛᴇᴍs
     ⊱ Suzie Q Plush
     ⊱ Cosette's Floral Tea

    — I want to know when I can go
    — Back and get drunk with my friends
    — I want to know when I can go
    — Back and be young again
    — I want to know when I can go
    — Back and feel home again

    — I want to be with you 'til the whole world ends


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    • Hello!! Just wanted to thank you so much for doing the Furvilla codes thread. It helped me get some things I'd been looking for! How do you manage to get all the codes?

    • Did you make your profile coding? ^w^

    • ✿❀✿❀

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