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User ID: #34401
Username: Lucid
Gender: Female
Last Online: 24 Sep 2020, 8:05 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:58 am

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Quitting- Trading Everything for FR Here

Trophy box thingie on my profile by msjanny #7302
Forum vistas (purple) by genie #45295 and (rainbow) by buffalo #29539

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    • How big is your shop right now? I don't think you can break the site unless you have like 1000's and 1000's of items clogging it, even then, they shouldn't let you upgrade past what they can handle :p

    • SCREAMS thank you so much, you're really too kind!!! This high-key made my day, thank you so much!

    • I think the prices will probably go up when the FurGems thing is released, they are worth 20 each...which might not even be a lot considering how many items get generated per day, whatever it is will probably have some kind of cap on it? Or maybe it will be like recycle beast on subeta and only ask for specific items each day...
      I know! I was wondering what happened to the vistas since they did say in the news there would be some, it's nice they gave it for free, nearly everyone in the forums is wearing it lol

    • Thank you for the Red Flishy, it's so pretty! I didn't even know they were a thing, if you ever want any oceandome pets, let me know! ^w^ I may be able to breed you some rares!

    • Oh btw did you see the serpent vista?! Staff added it to everyones account who was at the serpent festival, it's so pretty <3

    • Thanks hun! Yeah I love the Island turty, it's so pretty! <3
      RN a lot of the rares seem really cheap? I might buy a few as well, and I'm hoarding more and more crap because of this FurGems thing, I'm dying to know what it is >.<
      I just want it to come out already so I can offload all of my junk haha

    • Nah I'm not going for a full menagerie collection as it's completely un-achievable :(
      Plus I don't see the point in having a pair of the cash shop ones when they can't even breed anymore, I just want to collect the ones I like, but I like breeding in general, I often wished there was something similiar for my minions on subeta. I'm so behind with my collection there, I haven't logged in for weeks but I think I'm done with that site, just wish they allowed offsite trading :<

    • Aww you're so sweet, Thank you so much hun! <3
      If I manage to breed a SR of any of them, You can have it <3

    • Woohoo! Congrats hun <3
      You sure you don't want to keep her? You can sell for quite a bit of FC/FD!

    • Ok, good luck hun, hope you get something other than commons! <3

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