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User ID: #46808
Username: Deporitaz
Gender: Lesbian
Last Online: 30 Apr 2020, 7:58 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 5:47 pm

Profile description

my username used to be "bellathygay" jsy


Heya there YOU wondrous being reading my profile, my name's Bella! and I don't play anything!!

I am 17 years old, brazillian, gay, pisces, brainweird and dead!!!!!

I really love Lemon Demon/Neil Cicierega, Warrior Cats, vidya gaymes, animation and doing artsy stuff!!!!!

I started playing this game back in 2016 but I stopped for a very long time, can't really remember why!!!!!!! My memory SUCKS!!!!!!! I came back but I am STILL not really active and vanish outta nowhere often!!!! I usually come back tho!!!! Hope I don't heck anything up!!!!! I don't really uhh have a wishlist or many objectives, I've been just trying to get the herbalist objectives and to get money so I can buy pretty items like those rainbow things and the pink discourse stuff or whatever that is I don't know anything I'm just trying my bestest here and I think that's what matters!!!!!

I am bad at socializing and making friends but I tend to be pretty nice!!!!!!!!! Feel free to hit me up anytime!!!!!! I speak portuguese, english and have a rusty spanish!!!!
I am always up to trading QP stuff my explorer finds for seeds from other places!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not that good at role-playing either but if ya wanna I can answer comments in my character's profiles in character!!!!!!!!

Profile CSS credits go to msjanny , some details were added thanks to noll and my minor knowledge of coding!!!

Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day darlings!!!!


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    • hi
      im not sure if i wanna come back here? even more with the weird tribe thing i don't trust like that, but im very attached to these characters
      but either way im very very lazy to edit my profile so here are some link updates in case you're looking for me
      this is my new ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/B0B2ZH7B
      I'm also on twitter and instagram as @bellaqueberra
      im 19 and autistic and studying animation
      ok see yall later who knows mwa

    • HEY!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!

    • whoa i love your profile! so colorful! =O
      also if youre wanting to get rid of jack o lanterns, feel free to throw some at me <3

    • Thanks for the pumpkins and candy! Happy Halloween!

      lol the Furvilla+Neopets logo. XD

    • thank you for the pumpkins ^w^

    • I love your neopets themed profile!

    • Thanks for the candy!

    • Thank you for all of the candy and the lantern~ ^w^

    • Thanks for the pumpkin! Cute profile! :3

    • Thanks a ton for the candy, sweet peach! c'': your profile is utterly stunning, by the way! ♡ Happy Haunting!

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