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User ID: #12373
Username: noll
Rank: Helper
Gender: Male
Last Online: 22 Jan 2019, 3:13 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:53 pm


Profile description

noll/oliver | 20 | he/him | lobster man

i am one of furvilla's helpers, so feel free to message me any question you have and i will do my best to answer or direct you to someone who can! the topics i can best help with are site navigation, rules, css, bbcode, and general career questions. i can also help with warrior career questions.

other helpers
Lance-C-Bones Rotsuoy snowfallen Ivory sae Kirurik Laz Kokiwawa Nuffy Buskuta BeakyBirds

have any issues with any helpers? bring it up to MOD-Cari .

helpful links
site rules, file a report, official guides, user-made guides, help forum

are you open for css commissions?
not currently! however, i have some premades for sale here.

can you teach me css?
i can help you with specific questions! i am not capable of teaching an entire language, but if you need help with something specific feel free to message me.

i am a photographer as well as a gardener. i enjoy plants a lot, especially taking pics of them <3 i am also interested in anime/manga. i also write and have a toyhouse where you can see my characters. i really do enjoy working with both css & html! i also make themes for tumblr in my free time. feel free to talk to me about any of these things.
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    • nice lobsters

    • tricc o tweat I steal yo feet

    • A Fairly fluffy bear drops a box with the words "top secret" on it nd you find a certain sweater that seems tailored fur you

    • msjanny jess wtf ily?????????????? im gonna get me a harbinger whip thank

    • if you loved it then I'd feel bad taking it back so early D:

      keep it for the duration of the DM event <3

    • wonder who made it 10/10

    • I will literally die for this CSS so i can have the oracle on my page... blease

    • noll I don’t even remember saying that

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