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User ID: #50842
Username: flashwolf
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:08 am

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Hi, I'm Flash. I like to collect lots of piles of lots of things. I especially like crystals.

I'm not as active as I used to be, and I blame it on Lance.

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    • It's not mispriced, don't worry! Happy new year to you too!!

    • np! <3<3 im glad you like it!
      and you are really awesome too!!!! x3

    • I'm honored to have Flashwolf purchase items from my stall. Thank you so much <3

    • Hey buddy! Hope you're doing well! OvO

    • Thank you for purchasing my jade eyed panther statues, the money is much needed and appreciated! :D

    • Guess I used up all my luck for the year then by getting the spell book of light template on the first try of crafting a spell book which wound up being the spell book of earth which would have use if I got the siphon spell amulet :3 As a side note never used the spell books with the cursed amulet or else you will be stuck with no attacks in battle.

    • Have you gotten the recipe for the light spell book when crafting one of the spell books yet? Not sure if I am lucky to get the recipe randomly or the recipe is given every time when you finish crafting a spell book. Also looks like it would be an expensive endeavor on making the light spell book since it needs all the other elemental ones to make it.

    • I can only explain after you~ I mean, I wouldn't want to be rude and go first!

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