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Username: RedlaSunShowers029
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Apr 2020, 5:04 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:43 pm

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Chomp army art courtesy of NihilisticCake

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If you see anyone going by RedlaSunShowers029, RedlaSunShowers, or just plain Redla it’s probably me! I’m on a number of other sites too aaa

Redla | Female | Pansexual | Aspiring Novelist (Creative Writing Major)

Hyperfixations & Favorite Tropes: Be More Chill, The Borrowers, Furry, Gentle Giants / GT, Candy Gore

Feel free to chat if you like - I don't bite! I I don't respond within a reasonable time frame feel free to poke me - I procrastinate or get busy sometimes. It may take me a while to read through lots of small text; my vision is shit and I need much larger text (like my profile) to properly read.

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    • if you are still interested in trading your stall items for my mouse doll, i'd be happy to do so ^^ i have no interest in keeping it atm

    • hey just to let you know i've finished the busts ^^ i wasnt sure if you got the ping or not since it has been a couple of days since you've responded

    • Thanks a lot :) I’ve kinda been distracted by the feast

    • Wait nvm figured it out

    • Ok so I went over or under? ( I’m sorry really bad with math lol)

    • Hello I sent the trade. I think that’s the right amount,

    • Heya just wanted to comment!

      Saw the little running pixel of max in your sig and i just wanted to say how happy it makes me to see him getting lots of love! I sadly have the issue of letting my charas rot and im happy he went to someone who is bringing life to him!

    • Hey, just wanted to say that your villages are amazing and I really like your space villagers! Nova is my favourite,,,,

    • but was there anything else you were interested in my stall?

    • ah, unfortunatley not =[ im sorry

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