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User ID: #6290
Username: RedlaSunShowers029
Gender: Female
Last Online: 4 Jul 2020, 11:19 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:43 pm

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Chomp army art courtesy of NihilisticCake

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If you see anyone going by RedlaSunShowers029, RedlaSunShowers, or just plain Redla it’s probably me! I’m on a number of other sites too aaa

Redla | Female | Pansexual | Aspiring Novelist (Creative Writing Major)

Hyperfixations & Favorite Tropes: Be More Chill, The Borrowers, Furry, Gentle Giants / GT, Candy Gore

Feel free to chat if you like - I don't bite! I I don't respond within a reasonable time frame feel free to poke me - I procrastinate or get busy sometimes. It may take me a while to read through lots of small text; my vision is shit and I need much larger text (like my profile) to properly read.

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    • i see a friend :'u !

    • Hey!
      I was wondering if you have an artfight account? Mine is Spiritual :)

    • Snekk may not have spoken to you much, but it is still going to be strange not seeing you and Sunny around the site anymore! He wishes you well in your future endeavours, and is glad you dropped by to see us a couple times~

    • Just saw that you're a fellow creative writing major!! :0 its do exciting to see someone else who is pursuing that path!

    • Oh, oops! I didn't even realise. I'll get some space quickly.

    • Thank you for the buttons <3

    • It is a shame to see you quiting furvilla.

    • ;0; You have the most beautiful Villagers! I'm in love with Nebula and Mystic :o

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