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User ID: #64961
Username: Jzanky
Gender: Male
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:08 pm

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Paintie and top two profile arts by marymouse!!
3rd and 4th profile art by Kitchiki!
2nd to bottom profile art by Andrea Radeck!
Bottom profile art by Pastel!

<3 Bahati

Villagers 25

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    • Doggie )< .... But hello~! Great to hear from you again! I hope all has been well and that you've been keeping safe~!

    • Awwww~! That's so sweet x3

    • Well, would you look at that! I just saw your doppelganger xD

    • Good Lion XD

      Hope you've been well~!

    • Hope you didn't beat him up~! Also long time no see Jzanky <33
      It's one of my favorite moments on furvilla as well, it was fun xD

    • I usually stick to collecting the daily login reward as well. Though I do harvest materials in the deadlier monster arena when bored. Wonder if there will be much of a point now for the pvp tourney if there are no longer valor points given at the end as a prize, and it seems like only the standard tourney will be giving a trophy at the end. It looks like the new meta for the tourney is strong, the earthen glaive setup can beat even a Qurious Blade setup most of the time.

    • Eating legs is illegal.

      People need those to walk.

    • Don't you worry~ I plan on forcing asking PastelShadows nicely to make one akin to as it is now, and then a second one that's all dog themed, as obviously the dog themed one would be the superior version~ ;3

    • that was indeed very fun!!! x3

      and you don't have to worry about the lion lance paintie~ ;3

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