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User ID: #71150
Username: Kol
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm

Profile description

Kol Karnivore - 23 - They Them
Howdy! I'm Kol, a 5'6 being from Northern Texas.
I do Art on DA and can be found on Toyhou.se!
Profile artwork by Steampunk_Llama !
Joyfriend of Goodbody
rookfern Vullora Custom
~Also On~
Discord ; Kol#1313
Telegram : @LucienAries

~Awesome People~
SamTheHusky MadMadameFlare ChesRed Lenden SilverGlitchFox Hypernova Jeverinth Gypsonium Dweller_Kraken iEatSouls AC_lazy02 BeccaKitty AcerbicDream BrittIsntSane AlexandriaNovak Nix_The_Polar_Bear Saberfiend

Rules of Trade/Sale:

- Adopts purchased for IN GAME currency can only be sold for IN GAME currency.
- USD purchased can be resold in any equivalent.
- Credit me for the Design- Not the character. The character is all yours~
- Art done on a base MUST ALSO credit the BASE MAKER!
- I do NOT repurchase designs. All sales are final.
- You are free to change or alter the design in small amounts. It must still be recognizable as the same design. This includes colour shifting, and species changing!
- Im happy to answer any and all questions :)

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    • Love your background! And mykestri is adorable! They really like succulents, have you played viridi? the game is all about raising a succulent pot :3

    • (。・ω・。)ノ♡

    • hello~
      I'd just like to quickly say it makes me so happy to see you using the bun ya bought from me!
      I'm so happy when people use ocs they adopted from me, I can see you're taking good care of the lil bab

    • <3 !!

  • Comment has been hidden


    • Your avatar is so wonderful and fabulous! :D

    • Thanks for the spider eye solution: While I had some of my own I hadn't even noticed that For the Trees had gotten sick as people used him to repair their houses and herbalist pots since I was sleeping when it happened so it was a wonderful way to say "heads up!"

    • Seriously? Thank you!

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