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User ID: #71150
Username: Kol
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm


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My Pronouns are They/Them~ I am GrayAce.
I'm VERY fond of tea. Like... I've got 48 different flavors.. 13 boxes of assorted greens, herbals, blacks, whites, oolong, Chai... Earl Grey.. Mmmmm.... Did you know there's...even....watermelon tea??????

Here’s my Website
In a loving relationship with StellarHyena and Goodbody
~Find me Elsewhere~
Flight Rising
Forest of Mirrors
Tale of Ostlea

Discord ; Karnivore#5220

~Awesome People~
ChesRed Lenden SilverGlitchFox Hypernova Jeverinth Gypsonium Dweller_Kraken iEatSouls AC_lazy02 BeccaKitty Bionicbro56 Salicos FluffzGS RipTamra Derpos

If you can see this, I'll draw you a free artistic liberty sticker of your character~

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    • aaa your konpeito drawing is so cute!!! i love it so much thank you for drawing her! <3

    • Oh my gosh thank you! <3

    • Omg thank you so much for the enfields, they have to be my fav because they are so cute!

    • Ssshhhh! Don't tell everyone..

    • -snugs back- ^^u^^ <3

    • Feel free to send whatever ^^ I will put it in my storage :D

    • Oh my goodness thank you so much!!!!

    • Will send more after I breed more

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