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User ID: #71150
Username: Kol
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm

Profile description

Kol Karnivore - 23 - They Them
Howdy! I'm Kol, a 5'6 being from Northern Texas.
I do Art on DA and can be found on Toyhou.se!
Profile artwork by Steampunk_Llama !
Joyfriend of Goodbody
rookfern Vullora Custom
~Also On~
Discord ; Kyb#4494
Telegram : @LucienAries

~Awesome People~
SamTheHusky MadMadameFlare ChesRed Lenden SilverGlitchFox Hypernova Jeverinth Gypsonium Dweller_Kraken iEatSouls AC_lazy02 BeccaKitty AcerbicDream BrittIsntSane AlexandriaNovak Nix_The_Polar_Bear Saberfiend

Rules of Trade/Sale:

- Adopts purchased for IN GAME currency can only be sold for IN GAME currency.
- USD purchased can be resold in any equivalent.
- Credit me for the Design- Not the character. The character is all yours~
- Art done on a base MUST ALSO credit the BASE MAKER!
- I do NOT repurchase designs. All sales are final.
- You are free to change or alter the design in small amounts. It must still be recognizable as the same design. This includes colour shifting, and species changing!
- Im happy to answer any and all questions :)

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Comments 122

    • I've got a melting porcupine if you'd like to trade for your melting owl?

    • You're very welcome!! ;w; ♡

    • No problem! ^^

    • Anytime, happy holidays! <3 <3

    • i love the art you made of Alistair <3 id like to put it on toyhouse do you have an account there i can credit? if not is crediting your furvilla account acceptable?

    • D'aww, thank you for the lovely gift and even lovelier wishes~! :3

    • Now don't you think I won't be sending you some art for these when I can ; 3

    • Aaaaaa thank you ;; w ;;

    • -snuggles against and enjoys the hug- <3

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