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    • Gosh, I'm glad you like them too!

      At first I was going to use it as a one off shifty for Supernova but I just really enjoyed how the base came out, so I thought "Heck lets make it open and see more pretty colours of it!"

      I would like to see more of these robot birds hanging around but maybe they'll all pop up eventually. XD

    • He's such a good smol boy, I love him.

    • omg THANKS DUDE you rock!!! :') Do you want any FC for it?

    • Would you take 50k FC and a Hidden Zap Amulet for your Frost Volley Amulet? :)

    • Thank you very much~!

    • Nah, it's cool. :3

      I know I won't win every battle, heck I even did some easy kills to some poor guys earlier too, There's always going to be someone stronger than you are.

    • Thank you very much for the hint! But I'm just doing the 10 PVP battles to get the boost points, I always find these one-hits hilarious too.

      Best of luck to you in the Tourney~!

    • Did you misprice the Jet Ring?

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