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Villager: Rampion

Villager Info

ID: #225698

Name: Rampion

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 5 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Harper-Penn

Species: Deer

Color: White Tailed

Costume: Aquatic


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/400)

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Species: Spirit Deer/ Faun
Age: 18
SO: Gay
Build: Slender and small but surprisingly strong, like an elf.
Appearance: He usually likes to hide his status and nature behind the guise of a more 'normal' looking Faun, but he takes pride in his looks in either form. Always well groomed and typically with a smile adorning his handsome face.
Careers: Explorer, Adventurer.
Life Mate


Rampion is a faun who delights in stepping outside the standard mold of his species. Not content with being a pampered prince and living life within the palace walls this young buck ran away err... set out to make something of himself! Being bold and doing deeds of daring-do all across the land have earned Rampion quite the reputation as a hero and all around adventurer; though he has more than once landed himself in hot water he somehow manages to right the situation. He tends to take others at face value and likes to believe that people are inherently good, which has led to some hard lessons out in the real world. Generally this Prince likes to hide his royal status with a disguise, preferring not to have folks treat him differently because he is a Spirit Deer and Royal, but his mate Elumir can convince him to show his true colors and not feel self-conscious about it.

1st Paintie by Sangria.

Fulsize version of clothed paintie below for details.


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    • (its okay xD I do that too!)
      "You flatter me, and they say chivalry is dead."
      (thanks for the comment!)

    • "What a lovely deer you are."

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