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Username: Harper-Penn
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Registered: 19 Feb 2017, 12:24 am

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Artist//Writer//Book Lover//Cartoon Junkie
Fox//25+ yrs old//Friendly but Introverted

You can call me Harper or Penn, whichever you prefer. I'm not picky about pronouns and I'm 1 hour ahead of FV time. I like everything from Steven Universe to The Vampire Chronicles, so my interests and fandoms vary a lot. Happy to chat casually, but if I take time to respond it's just my anxiety keeping me at bay. ^w^

About Our Corner of Foxbury

At the outskirts of Olde Foxbury a twisty little stone paved lane leads through the woods, at it's head is a little metal swinging gate with an arching sign above that reads "Brightfortune". Pushing through the gate you follow the winding stone pathway into the shadowed woods. Once you get beyond the treeline you can see that the path actually branches off several different ways, but only one of them has shiny little luminescent blue stones embedded in its paved surface.

Following the subtly marked route takes you through scenic areas of the woods until you pop out to behold a little village. All the houses are dome shaped, grass roofed and stone faced with arched doors and windows. The largest one even has an oak tree sprouting from its crown! Clear little brooks and streams wind their way here and there, with arched stone bridges to cross them, and the place appears to be part village and part park, with no clear begining or end to either one. The welcoming atmosphere beckons you to stay and look around awhile, and off to the right you see a board listing different villagers talents.

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Plus Many More!

Paintie Projects
Harper-Aquatic, Penn, Siberius, Haldana, Loki & Puck-Several, Danny-(Redraw), Riley, Jasper, Gabriel, Elliot, Kiba, Jade,


Villagers 26

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    • Thank you to my anonymous friend! Your kindness is appreciated and I'll be paying it forward soon! ^w^

    • Thank you so much for the plushie!!

    • Hope you like the plush :-D
      You have an amazing collection! Took me a while to get you new ones :-P

    • Thanks for the really cute plush <3

    • Thank you for your purchase! I appreciate the support.

    • -highfives you- I'm very amused by three times in a row, plushies from you. XD

    • Would you be willing to trade your magic iridescent dragon plush for a magic red tailed boa snake plush? It's totally fine if not, I was just wondering! ^^

    • aw np! you'd think the dirt would give some kick to their immune system >v<

    • Thank you for the soup. My villagers were very happy. :)

    • Do y have any soup?

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