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Villager: Garnet



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ID: #382244

Name: Garnet

Gender: Masc. Non-Binary

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 months, 26 days ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: RoseGem

Genus: Primordial Shifty

Species: Plague Demon

Color: Literal Tyrant


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/50)

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"I was always more focused on being a homicidal dumbass! :D"
"yes hello i like wahmen :)" (They're too gay for their own good :))

Paintie - Pikminbleu

Their Toyhou.se
More info about them here!

canon Garnet: demon tyrant who would most definitely try to take over hell if they really wanted to
non canon Garnet: goofy dad who likes being the center of attention :)

Name: Garnet Bright

Species: Plague/ill Demon

Age: 389

Biological age: 35

Pronouns: They/Him

Status: Duke of Hell, Pestilence

Height: 6'1

Weight: 163 Lbs

Sexual Orientation: Aceflux (though it tends to land around demi)

Romantic Orientation: Non-Binary loving men

Ethnicity: British

Eyes: Black and White

Suffers from: Autism (High functioning), Schizophrenia, PTSD, ASPD, Bipolar Disorder

D.O.B: October 29th, 1631

D.O.D: June 8th, 1666

Phobias: Arachnophobia, Musophobia, Ligyrophobia (ironic, since they yell a lot)

Status (Romance): Taken

Build: Tall and lanky

Language: French/English

The Overlord of Disease (Lowkey more of a tyrant)
Garnet arrived in Hell shortly after death on June 8th, 1666. They quickly adjusted to Hell's customs after getting used to the new landscape and their new appearance. Through the years they grew be a powerful and feared overlord/duke gaining the respect of demons all over Hell and a large sum of territory. They seem to be the second most powerful of the 7 overlords of Hell, second only to Lucifer himself. They have used the motives of both fear and charm to gain demons respect. They also work and maintain one of the only hospitals in Hell, while having previously worked at places that can't be mentioned here o-o. Despite their status and respect they still have a moral side who wants to be treated as no more than an average demon, even if that is only a small part of a cruel and vicious maniac.

If you were to rip their face off, instead of blood and bone there would be an endless black void. (According to them, not sure if they're just trying to be intimidating or....)
They will not hesitate to burn any one who hurts a kid, They have a real soft spot for kids and if they catch anyone hurting or taking advantage of a child, they will be there....with a nasty bite and a few flames :)

(Responds in character)


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    • the wyvern grinned, ceasing to push the mannequin around.
      "i think the best healing is the two combined, sometimes the body alone can't heal... kinda like a helping hand.... but, not having everything done for you.." she paused, scratching her chin with the claws of her wing.

    • another letter has seemed go arrive from four!

      " dear garnet,

      it's nice to hear what hell is like! here in koigy, it's pretty, warm. sometimes we go on fire because of it. but, it's ok to live here! if i ever arrived on hell, with a portal or any other way, i hope it would be like you said! but, my show will not host itself! i have to take a while from letters, but ill make sure to reply if you send a letter!

      - four "

    • Joey's head pops out the portal as she glanced about before frowning and retreating within the portal. a large chest plate slipped out of the portal followed by a mannequin and the wyvern.
      "so you can heal yourself? is it rapid regeneration or magic?"she asked as she attempted to right the mannequin.
      "i.. can tell you about portals... you seem to like it."

    • (ack! sorry for the late reply, my hand swelled from helping alpaca shearers. and i got super bummed out. it seems mostly fine now.).
      the wyvern grinned widely.
      "cool! let me just set this up.. don't reach in.. unless you want a limb to be mangled." she laughed.
      the wyvern scratched at the air, tearing a hazy portal open before clamoring inside. the portal rippled for a moment before the haze became still again.

    • "oh, it is fireproof.it's just also filled with acidic saliva... i don't want to ruin the feather or snuff out the flame... yet.... want to see me spit at something?!"
      the wyvern snorted excitedly as she took a deep breath.
      (she loves eating flaming meats and marshmallows... she does have a heat limit though.)

    • A small excited chitter escaped the wyvern’s mouth as she began to lounge towards the feather, jaws open. She paused before clamping her jaws around the burning feather… seemingly thinking it over as the claws of her wings twitched slightly.
      “I…. shouldn’t bite it.” she mumbled.

    • The wyvern paused, the slits of her eyes become saucers.
      "your wings are really fuckin cool, i wish Tuna could see this."

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