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Snow Festival

Posted by Mat on 14 Dec 2016, 1:57 pm


Polaria says:

Good afternoon to all the five villages! Please excuse my tardiness, these old bones ache a lot in the morning so it's hard to get moving. But despite that, dears, let me introduce myself to the rest of you. My name is Polaria, and I'm the mayor of Tigereye Peak. On behalf of my village and all its residents, we're excited to share the Snow Festival with you!


Around this time of year, the snow fairies come out of hiding play with the residents of Tigereye Peak. We've encouraged them to travel far and wide across Furvilla, so you'll be able to encounter them too! Each fairy has a special ability that'll bring a boon to your villagers. The abilities vary from giving you a cute holiday item to improving your village someway. If you're curious, they're easily viewable here.

If you didn't know, it was a Frozen Leaf Fairy that led the founder of Tigereye Peak to the mountain where we all reside. In the cold of the night, Samuel and his exploration party were ready to give up. But then there was a beautiful golden light, and Samuel followed it to the caves and mountain crags where we live now. Because of this, you often see Snow Festival trees topped with a golden tiger -- a tiger, because Samuel was a tiger, and golden, because of the Frozen Leaf Fairy's beautiful glow.

Fairies will befriend you while you explore or battle monsters. You'll encounter them easily at first, but as you collect a lot of fairies, they will slowly become more rare to encounter. But never fear, dears, this resets at the top of each day, so you can start finding fairies easier again at the beginning of the next day.


We have a lot of simply wonderful holiday furniture that you can obtain from one of the fairies. One tradition we have here in Tigereye Peak is to fill our homes with Snow Festival decorations, and we've made it into a bit of a contest. If you'd like to participate in the contest, decorate your home with Snow Festival items, and then post your home here in this thread. There are some cute little prizes for the participants! (Speaking of furniture, did you know a darling named Darkmoon Dancer is the one crafting all this furniture? She's so talented! What a dear!)


Even our villagers are getting into the spirit of the holiday. Why don't you try putting on the Fluffy Costume if you're a Gembound, Wickerbeast, Dutch Angel Dragon, Deer, Big Cat, or Snuffle? I'd love if you could bundle in something warm, because you know I worry about all of you, right? Now that the snow's drifting from Tigereye Peak, it must be so cold in those other villages... I know Olde Foxbury and Quetzal Palace are used to the cold weather, but I worry so much for you folks in Oceandome and Dragonsmaw Manor! The weather's usually so temperate down there...


There are a lot of cute outfits that our village is producing too, which you can dress yourself in when you're blessed by a Magic Plush. One of the fairies will give you one of those Magic Plushes if you ask it nicely enough! Darlings, please bear in mind these Snow Festival colors will be available only during this year's event, then will retire.


Since the snow is drifting down into the other villages, perhaps you'd like to make a new friend? Our Snowbunny and Snowfox population has simply exploded now that the Festival has come! We'd like to invite you to take one of each with you. Simply click on them to do so! During the festival, these snow critters breed quite fast, with cool-downs of one day. However, when the Festival is over, they will no longer be breedable. Please keep that in mind! If you're searching for the rarer colors of these pets, please be sure to breed them out during the fourteen days of the festival.


Last, we'd love to see how you decide to dress up for the festival! Therefore, we're having another contest, where you can show us your beautiful look, dears. Submit a Paintie to the contest that's themed with the Snow Festival to participate, and I might be congratulating you as one of the best dressed in the Snow Festival! Come participate here!

All of us here at Tigereye Peak hope you enjoy the Snow Festival!

Information Recap:

All items retire on December 29th. Plushes and Furniture items will not be re-released.

Mini-Pets have a 1 Day Cooldown until 12:00 PM on December 29th, in which they become unbreedable and retired.

Fairies are obtained from the Explore and Warrior features, and begin with a 20% drop rate, decreasing by 1% with every fairy found to a 1% drop rate. This resets at the beginning of the next day. Fairies will drop until December 29th.

Contests (house and Paintie) end December 29th.

The current site theme will become an option for use after the Snow Festival as the game goes back to default layout.

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    • Deinmaar
      I know this question is a bit belated but since I see you have been answering questions on how the event items work can you confirm if retired on the snow pets means they will not be rereleased or breedable ever again in the future? The newsletter seems to have been making a big point about this event being a players one shot at going for the other colors, but the usage of the word retire is throwing some of us off and causing doubt on what exactly is meant.

    • What, at the moment, is the worst for me on this event or rather the recurring questions regarding it - Will the fairy items poof after the event? Will the fairy items stay usable after the event? Will the event animals be/become breeable again next Winter Festival? - is, that no MOD or ADM or whatever official or staff, despite having "stocked up" for public launch of the site, feels the need to answer anything on that yet; not even what the original plans were/are for these mechanics and if or if not any of these plans are now discussed again internally or maybe even asking for proper feedback or suggestion from the userbase to take in to consideration. I feel it provokes nagging already early on, maybe even completely unnecessarily, and it ups the chance for this "random and unstructured" feedback, comments and suggestions to tend to negative tones.

      I wish we simply had an official thread or something for this. Or in case there even is a place to officially comment or discuss all of this, or is going to be, after the event is over: a proper announcement of said place.

    • On the topic of the pets, I doubt this "band-aid" is going to fix the rarity/overbreeding problem. By the end of this, people will be sending their males to the Giving Tree (if you want my prediction). Why? Because, without a pet sink (which people on the Forums have been begging for), the number of pets is going to explode (and no one is going to eat up a bunch of storage space to store them until they are valuable, especially if they aren't breedable later). For example, I am not QP, so my breeding is fairly average (QP has a ridiculous advantage, as always, being the "favorite child", while the Oceandome is clearly the village the Devs seem to hate). I currently have 8 Females of each kind (having bought and used 4 Breeding Potions, purchased one of each pet early on, and 1 Uncommon male for each set). There are 9 breeding days left. So, on the 20th, given average luck, I'll end up with 12 females of each, 18 by the 21st, 27 (reduced to a max usable quantity of 25) by the 22nd, and that gives me 7 breeding days, breeding 25 of each per day. This will produce, just from the 20th onward, an average of 213 of each species (which, yes, means I have little chance at a Super Rare, I know, because I still haven't hit a Rare, which takes an average of 40 breeds, and I absolutely refuse to be exploited by the so-called "Free Studs" that demand you give them the only thing of value you are breeding for - the Rares and Super Rares). I am one user, and I know I will produce a good 200 unwanted babies of EACH species. Multiply that by all the users bothering to breed for the event, and the value of the Foxes and Bunnies will soon be nothing.

      Band-aids like this solve nothing and only serve to frustrate users, as the users have been saying on the forum for months. We might as well be talking to the wall, though. We've accepted this and choose to continue enjoying what few working features remain on the site. Nevertheless, this is *not* the solution to AH's massive problems. It was easy to predict that it wouldn't work out from the beginning (which is why I called this a good "first try at an event" in my first post on this thread). What is also easy to predict is the player anger when they can't get the colors worth anything, despite actively playing the entire time. Those who bought their way to the top early on and those who exploited "free studs" to make a profit at the expense of others (as well as a few random lucky users) might get a complete set, but most of the users will not have that chance, no matter how active they are, and many will likely feel irritated by it at the end. I can't blame them.

      That said, there are good things in the event, too. The furniture items are nice (though we really need a storage area for furniture, since Storage is eaten up by AH females, and Inventory is filled with Plush Quest stuff). The Magical Plushies are awesome, and the Origin-less Mistletoe Pets are fun. There are three other useful fairies (Bell, Gingerbread, and Ice) and four pretty much useless ones no one wants (Frozen Leaf, Hot Cocoa, Snowflake, and Star). That means that, on average, you should get a fairy you can actually use slightly more than half the time, so, as frustrating as it might be if you get a string of "duds", such streaks hopefully don't last too long before you get something worthwhile. I've seen worse odds in events on other sites.

      Nevertheless, what many people will likely remember from this event is the botched AH pets and their anger over playing their best and not being able to complete the collection in time, let alone get extras to trade later. I hope they make the pets breedable again next year, but, let's be honest, how many people are going to eat up 50 Storage spaces to keep the females for a year?

    • I do hope that if there will be a winter event next year the pets will be breedeble again, this is kinda a slap in the face to anyone wanting to get all colors but since there is only a limited window to breed them .3.

    • SplashStar
      I've been told that they should be usable indefinitely

    • @admin-deinmaar Sorry for this disturbance, but for clarification, will the plush and fairies still be usable after the Snow Festival?

    • Will you able to keep the fairies that we don't use?

    • Ironheart You can check in the discussion forum, maybe you can team up with someone who has got the other sex of the animals! x)

    • Will the fairies still be openable after the event ends?

    • i just need to get the bell, snowflake and candy cane fairy XD