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Congrats to Olde Foxbury!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 19 Jul 2020, 12:01 am


Congratulations to Olde Foxbury for winning the Grande Tourney!

Your citizens have fought persistently and valiantly, and all of Furvilla extends their paws to you in celebration!

♫♫Weeee are the champions, my friendddd!♫♫

If you have participated in this year's Tourney, please make sure that you head on over to the Festival Shoppe to pick up your trophy.


Also, as a memento for the winners, all participants may pick up a free 2020 Tourney Champion Emblem wearable souvenir in the shoppe as well.


Please pick up your trophy and emblem before the shop closes next weekend. Also make sure to spend any remaining shoppe points before then as well. Remember, you may keep coins until next year, but any unspent points will expire at the end of the event.

If you have been using the blessed Grande Melee weapons, you will notice they have now gone to sleep until next year, when they will again awaken once again to fight! Any leftover chests will not be able to be opened until next year. The redemption code is now inactive.

Nighty- nite!

Past Event Trophies - Redemption Ending

Going forward, all festival trophies will only be available during the festival and its respective shop opening. In the past, we often gave trophies at the end of an event and other festival-related items via codes in the news. On July 25th, all previous trophy codes and festival-specific item codes in news posts will no longer be active. If you wish to have these trophies and items and have not yet obtained them, please do so by that date.

This does not apply to any non-festival pet or other prize codes at this time. New players will still be free to pick up past holiday pets, special prizes, etc.

To all who participated in the Grande Tourney, thank you. No time like the present to start training for next year!

- Aspen -

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    • Nice. Also that firework art is so beautiful i love it <3

    • ....I'm so sorry for tanking your rating TEP

    • I'll check for the items I know that dropped during the festival in storage in the morning. I ,only noticed the storage issue since I should still have had some left. Also so many fox blades had dropped. Will send report in morning when I have a better idea what is going on in the storage area.

    • Sheelah that's curious. I can assure you that with the exception of the Grande Melee equipments going to sleep, nothing should have happened to any other items or storage spaces. If people do notice any strange things like this please do report in the bug report forum with whatever details you can give.

    • Is it just me, but all weapons that dropped during the the festival including a storage upgrade I did disappeared. What happened.

    • ...Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head. XP

    • Congrats olde foxbury ^^

    • Switchi that is a good catch! The equipments should now be classified correctly!

    • Now that I’ve been prompted to check back on all redeem-codes, it seems I’ve forgotten to collect on the dragonsmaw manor pie recipe card.
      I also donot recognize the snow pets from last year and kinda worried I somehow missed it despite being on every day...

    • HOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!