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Seasons of Birthdays!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 6 Jan 2021, 4:24 pm


Wow! Look at all of those festive Faetyrs! They are here to celebrate 2021's newest Birthday Gifts!

Celebrate, good times!

When you log in on your birthday, you will be prompted to collect your free chest. The chest you receive will depend on the season of your birthday.

Remember, you must log in ON your birthday to receive your gift!

Inside each of these chests are special themed keepsakes, equipment, a seasonal magical Faetyr sticker and a bottle of Golden Buff Dust.


Lovely trinkets!

When your Warrior holds one of the above keepsakes, they will produce a special visual effect on the battlefield. Don't like the effects? No problem, you may toggle them off in User Settings.

Each of these chests are available now in the Birthday Boutique. We've decided to add them all at once so you may take advantage of the 20% off discount you receive on your birthday.

If your birthday occurred January 1st-6th and you were unable to purchase the new chests with your discount and would like to do so, please contact AdminAssistant and they will assist you with a manual purchase.

I hope you each enjoy your special gifts on your birthdays this year! <3

- Aspen -

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    • cool of these to drop a week after my birthday :,)

    • What are the dates these seasons will change? Cause I a love the fall one but if the change falls on the first of the month I'm gonna get the winter one instead. :}

    • wooooooooww!

    • S E A S O N S

    • WOOOAHW! This is awesome! Thank you, Furvilla!

    • ooh, a seasonal theme

    • Ohhh does that mean i am gonna get the dragonic winged one yaaaaas so awesome!

    • oh thats so cool!! Nice to have a new thing to collect :DD

    • The Faetyrs are so cute! I love their designs.