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Rules and Infractions update!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 21 Feb 2021, 7:01 pm


Hello hello everybody!
With the new year, we've decided it was time to finally do a Rules and Infractions update! Yes, it may be February now but it still counts as new year to me!

Most of the updates concerning the Rules are to make things a bit more explicit concerning specific situations but we've also added new rules that were long overdue as well. There's quite a few changes so please make sure to go read them (after finishing this news post, of course)!

We've also updated multiple infractions either with the number of points they give or with the time an infraction will last in your account. New infractions have also been created as a result of the new rules. The number of points needed for a ban and the length of bans was not changed though so keep that in mind.

Another big change that we've made concerning infractions is that we now act under a "good faith" policy concerning warnings and infractions. For most users, this doesn't change a thing, we will keep warning before giving an infraction but if the moderation team thinks that a user acted in bad faith when breaking a rule, we may give an infraction without a warning. You can read more about that at the top of the Rules page.

This also serves as a reminder that Not knowing the rules is not a good excuse of breaking them. It is your responsibility to read and familiarize yourself with them, if you have any questions about the rules, you can contact a moderator in private and they will help you out! We're all here to help!

Since we understand that not everyone is active everyday and we hope everyone reads the news posts they missed when they come back, we will give a two weeks delay starting from the moment this news post is posted to make changes to your settings to follow the new rules. To be clear, this two weeks delay only applies to new rules. If we discover that you were breaking old rules before this news post or if you break an old rules during the delay, you will still be warned or infracted.

Thank you for reading everybody! Now make sure to go read the updated Rules and Infractions!

Edited on Feb 22nd 11:14am: The "Posting malicious software or viruses" infraction is now a permanent infraction, good catch on the typo everybody!

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    • What does “game information” mean/include?

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    • I have to admit I never paid much attention to the number of points and expiry for infractions before so this might have been already in place for a long time but...posting personal information about someone else, possibly endangering them only gives 8 points infraction with an expiry, while posting sexual content is 10 points and permanent? While I don´t disagree with the latter, how is actually endangering someone in real life set lower than that?

    • I see that animated avatars are not allowed and a signature needs to stay within a certain size, but are animated signatures still allowed?

    • snafflewyrm
      Piko clarified in the Official Furvilla Chat discord server that it was so the moderators could administer infractions based on the severity of behavior.

    • I'm a bit confused by the 'Bypassing Rules' in the General Infraction section on the Infractions page. It's repeated three times, with each one worth a different amount of points, despite having the same title and description. Is that an error?

    • oof, only a month is necroing a thread? seems steep especially when that's... every topic but one in the 18 discussion forums for example. most sites I'm on go for 3-6 months, but I'll defer to y'all's judgement on it. (especially when making any remotely similar thread is against the rules?)

      glad the weird Beta Discussion Is Forbidden rule finally got removed, never understood that one.

      super thanks for the highlighted changes msjanny btw

    • Do you have a summary of the changes to the rules?