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Password Reset Change

Posted by Admin-Mat on 7 Mar 2021, 5:35 pm


Hello everyone, just stopping by to inform you all of a little change we’ve made.

Due to an increased number of unrequested Password Reset Emails being reported by our users, we have elected to remove the Password Reset function as an added level of security.

If you need to change your password while you are not logged in then please use the appropriate link, it will take you to a Contact Us form that you will need to fill out to request a manual Password Reset from the Furvilla Staff.

Be sure to report any strange happenings regarding your account and keep up with proper online security measures.

Have a Great Day!

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    • Thank you for keeping the site secure!

    • Cynicallia Probably best to make a report than to post that on the news post. They'd probably see it sooner and be able to work out with you what was missed.

    • Quick commentary.. I was comparing the lists of items that were stolen from my account to the list of items that was traded back to me. I noticed a few things didn't match. This can be explained if some of the theft trades were deleted from my history due to accounts being banned/deleted, but otherwise, it's a bit strange. For example, there is only one record of a theft trade, and that user is still a site member (leading me to believe they weren't actually behind it, otherwise they would be gone, right?). That trade took 67 lines of items from me. The trade-back from the Admin was an additional 50 lines worth of items. They are all items I recognize as mine, and it doesn't look like I have anything more than I had before, but I can't see the record of those things being taken, so I can't compare to make sure everything was balanced.

      Some discrepancies:

      Thief took 1x Paintie Ticket from me, but Admin gave me 2x Paintie Tickets back.
      Thief took 2x Entangled Shadow (Female), but Admin returned 3x to me.
      Thief took 11x Furvilla First Ches-iversary Vistas, but Admin only returned 10x.
      Thief took 1x Warrior Costume, but Admin did not return any of those.
      Admin returned things such as my Black Jade gift boxes, and I only have 1x of those (as I had before), but the record of those leaving my account does not exist.

    • ..damn, wow. My account got robbed, too. Crazy. The thief even seems to have been tampering with my Twitch account, because that had a password reset request from the same time. I hardly ever check my E-mail so I never saw it. I went and made a bunch of new passwords for all of those sites, and my E-mail account. Judging by the comments on the thief's page, I'm guessing that account was hijacked, and used to launder the items because it seems like a regular player. ..and also, that account isn't banned or blocked or anything, so.. they look kind of not guilty.

      Thanks, Furvilla.

    • This is really good to see, the email that I got honestly freaked me out because I hadn't requested one

    • I haven't gotten an email like that. It's a good thing FV is taking precautions tho

    • Okay that was hilariously lucky for me I just reset my password like a few hours ago.

    • Hey, just an idea:
      Since our names in the discord server are linked with Furvilla that could work as another way to confirm identities, right?