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Clinic - Beta test prizes have been sent!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 4 Jun 2021, 1:35 am


Hi furriends!

I just got done sending out all the earned trophies and prizes for the Clinic's beta test.

Please check that you got your earned rewards.

You should have received a Golden Kitsune trophy on your profile if you healed at least 50 patients.

If any of you doctors got to 500 healed patients, you should have received a Healing Supplies keepsake in your inventory for each doctor you have that achieved this. If you earned more than one they may have been sent in separate transfers, so please check the total you have in your inventory.

If you didn't get your earned prizes, go ahead an comment here and I'll look into it.

Thank you!

-Hkr Quinn

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    • My error, I thought it was on the individual profiles, didn't realize it was my user profile. Thank you. :)

    • I don't seem to have received either of the golden Kitsunes for Snowy or Sheelah and they definitely healed over 50 patients each.

    • So, they are for beta testing?
      Okay, thanks!

    • Switchi if you did the Warrior Beta test a while back there was a golden kitsune reward. you could of got it from that. and why you have two now due to this beta test. I got two as well one from warrior beta test and one from this beta test

    • I thought I already got it but now I have two golden kitsunes
      Was it from a previous event? Or are they different?

    • i did not receive the kitsune trophy. pretty sure i cured just over 50 patients

    • I got my trophy and keepsake. Thank you! :)