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Be Proud!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 8 Jun 2021, 8:29 pm


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all been having a great Pride Month so far! We just wanted to let you know that we’ve put a couple new items in the Recycling Shop!


The Rainbone Shield and Rainbow Sky Ring are both available in the Recycling Shop! They will be available until the END OF JUNE so be sure to pick them up before July 1st

Have a very Happy Pride everybody! Lots of love from myself and the rest of the Furvilla Staff!

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    • WolvesAtWar Are you sure? I thought they were equipment at first, but turns out they're a keepsake and an outfit. I found the ring on the second page of the outfits, and there's only one page of keepsakes. Check there~?

    • They arent showing up

    • Yo these are rad as all get out- Happy pride y'all!

    • The shield is so friggin pretty I want to wear it like a bodice haha!

    • So adorable! I'll be working to get those items for sure.

    • Love the chest shield

    • These are pretty.