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The Furvilla Store

Posted by Admin-Mat on 7 Jan 2017, 5:16 pm


With this news post, we are pleased to announce we will be bringing our convention booth to the online world. As we are cutting back on the number of conventions we plan on vending at in 2017, we thought it was only fair to offer these goods online to Furvilla Fans who want to obtain them! So without further ado, we have established... The Furvilla Store!

The Furvilla Store features the majority of the prints we offered at conventions:


And the custom ID cards that we offered at select conventions earlier in the 2016 year:


But not only that, it also includes our custom run of Furvilla plush toys:


We've heard your suggestions for additional plush toys. We're very interested in releasing a Gembound and Snuffle plush, however, we definitely need our existing Furvilla plush stock to sell out first. Every plush you buy will bring us closer to being able to order new plush toys and bringing them to all of you. If you have any other suggestions for species plush you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment!

To celebrate the release of The Furvilla Store, we have some discount coupons to share with you that you can enter when checking out:

TAKETWENTYFIVEOFF - $25 off orders equal or above $100
TAKETENOFF - $10 off orders equal or above $50

We offer shipping to both the United States and international locations. However, we also offer free convention pickup for patrons that attend the same conventions we do, which you can view here and on the checkout page: Convention Appearances.

1586-forum-vista-mythic-horse.png 1587-forum-vista-mythic-canine.png 1588-forum-vista-reaper-dragon.png 1589-forum-vista-steampunk-dragon.png 1590-forum-vista-steampunk-canine.png 1591-forum-vista-mythic-cat.png

The newest stock of Forum Vistas have appeared in the FurDollar Emporium as well!

Have a fantastic day!

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    • Is there any chance you'll offer more shipping options than just standard?

    • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Dutch Angel Dragon Plush to be made! ^^ Rock on, FV!

    • furvilla should hit up some canadian cons! like central canadian comic con and fur-eh!

    • *squeals* I need the Galaxy derg poster and the ID card :O
      Thank you for this, Furvilla!

    • Oh wow!! I absolutely adore those plushies. As for suggested plush species, I'd love to see moths and dragons! Especially moths, since so few moth plushies in general seem to exist. As a moth enthusiast and a FurVilla fan, I think I'd die of happiness if there was a plush that combined my love for both of these things!

    • Question, is the con appearances in an 18+ board because I can't see it but I'm super curious?
      Also if the species can be customized on the id cards I'd really look into getting one done of my babs Jakk, Lara and WInter ahhhh but Jakk's species says he's a black wolf ((which he is definitely not whoops))

    • I would be very happy to see like, the specials being plushies, like the Mermaid cat, or the fluffy cat!

    • -Jaw drops- SO cute! I admit, those in game codes on Neopets drove me to buy the stuff more than I might have (at least looking back) however, the more sites I've played the more I 'typically' see small plushies being, costly. I get it, you're having to license out to a company, and everyone needs to make a profit. Perhaps, rather than the codes (which to me is a 'be careful' because you get greedy people in the mix with these codes, insane prices and a quick imbalance in in-game inflation.)
      I don't know how much it would cost to say have maybe stitched onto the plushie 'Furvilla' to maybe make it more, like, 'OH yeah! I remember when they made these!'
      Neopets had their name on their toys, Build-a-Bear does too, so it might make them, less generic. However, that being said, even though my fursona is a wolf, I would love to see plushies you might not normally. Like a Moth (as previously mentioned in these comments).
      Perhaps, put a poll out for like the next plushies that might be in demand (idea wise with sketches) ?
      The prints are stunning too.

      All-in-all I say wonderfully done! Next thing to consider I think might be, a graphic novel with NPCs and a story xD? Especially with the art. Mmm eye candy pictures 8D! (and no that last part is not meant in an adult way, just to clarify >>'.)