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Quinn’s Corner: First Post!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 28 Jan 2022, 9:31 am


Heya furriends! Welcome to Quinn’s Corner!

The powers of Furvilla gave me my own little space here to post announcements specifically related to code that are a little too important to simply put on the Change Log.

All such things will now go into Quinn’s Corner. I named it after myself!

Also, so I’m not repeating it every time, if you spot any bugs or potential exploits related to things announced here, best way to let us know is via the Bug Report forum, or by filing a report (I don’t get the latter directly but the mods are good about referring me the important ones!)

So here goes the first one:

Starting February, villagers that are registered for the current ongoing Feast and Tourneys can no longer be abandoned, transferred, or traded.

You would thus need to wait until the Feast or Tourney they are registered for to be concluded before a participating villager can be moved. So be mindful of who you register for these events, and why.

Also, I should emphasize that each player can only register one villager for the Feast each month. I noticed that this isn’t currently clearly explained, but when you feed a food to a villager from the inventory for the first time a the month, the villager you choose becomes your one registered Feast villager for the rest of the month. Attempting to feed another villager will create an error. It is on my to-do list to make this feeding mechanic more intuitive in the future.

Okay, that’s it! I’ll generally try to keep these posts more to the point in the future.

Thank you!

- Hkr Quinn

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    • Alright, yeah that makes sense.

    • gaiaweylyn


      You have some interesting thoughts I’d like to respond to.

      Firstly, I’ll try to limit smaller code related updates to the change log, and keep news posts for more significant “need to know” coding announcements. For example, downtime warnings. We decided this was a more important thing to announce because of the possibility a player could be making decisions on which villager to register for the feast/tourney if they expected to be able to transfer them for whatever reason. But going forward it won’t be possible to do so anymore.

      With regards to the pulse of the site, we are feeling better about the health of the site than we did when we took over. Whether or not we support the site is independent of any expectation of profit. Our current focus are game improvements with the hope of more aggressively advertising to attract more players more when we feel Furvilla is ready for it. There are many improvements we want to achieve first. The benefit of having taken over coding duties personally, is I can say with 100% confidence that both the coder and owners are completely committed to improving Furvilla. We are limited by the amount of work our artists can provide, and some attrition there is inevitable. But I feel we’ve adapted to allow for additional artists coming on board so we never have to worry about running out of assets to work with.

      Anyway, I won’t say too much more lest I begin to ramble!

    • Definitely looking forward to those changes, so long as they reduce confusion and maybe even some extraneous clicks.

      More to the point, I definitely hope to see more update posts like this in the future, no matter how small or large the change, I don't think any of us would consider them spammy or annoying.. Without some inkling of what's happening, present or future, it's been dang near impossible to get a read of the pulse of the site as a whole, updates like this really do ease anxieties greatly for a lot of players, encouraging more time spent playing, and maybe even getting some more new players playing too.

    • I thought this was already in place for awhile now, weird

    • On the feast. I always wondered why once you registered a villager for the feast, it is still possible to feed all of your other villagers. Maybe to reduce confusion, would it be possible once you have a villager register for the feast that the drop down menu be removed? That way it prevents a player from accidentally feeding the wrong villager, when in fact, they may have intended to feed their feast pet? Hopefully, this makes some sense. Have a great day. :)

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