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Shamrock HUNT!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 8 Mar 2022, 1:22 pm


Warm winds are finally blowing into Furvilla, and Spring is right around the corner! To celebrate, your Explorers can participate in the Great Shamrock Hunt from now until March 31st!


Collecting shamrocks is easy! All you need to do is explore and you will find shamrocks everywhere. Collect 77 of them to craft a special Lucky 4 Leaf Clover using a Lucky Magic Recipe, which can be purchased in the Cottage Shoppe, along with its older counterparts. This recipe can be learned by Crafters.


Your Lucky 4 Leaf Clover can be held by a villager as a keepsake, or you can open it to try your luck at receiving one of the following items:


New to Furvilla, or wish to re-make past Shamrock Hunt items? No worries, you can always pick up older Magic Recipes, Rainbow and Golden, from the Cottage Shoppe!

Upcoming Downtime and other Announcements

We've been a bit quieter here on Furvilla, while we plan some upcoming major content releases. Owner-Quinn will be making a downtime announcement a little later this week, so make sure you keep an eye on the news!

In the meantime, have a bean tease.

Happy Shamrock hunting, and good luck to you all!
- Aspen -

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    • ohh these new items are really cute!

    • Oohhhhh magic beans ! Also lovin the lil puffin c= Yeah Shamrock hunting season!

    • I love the puffin and sack of gold

    • Yay! The puffin is adorable!