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Back from Downtime!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 11 Jul 2022, 6:05 pm


Hi everyone! Thanks for bearing with us during downtime. We have a lot of small quality of life updates to share with you today!

All Career Achievements Should Now be Obtainable as Intended.
Not sure what else you need to do to meet a goal? Missing requirements for Crafter, Cook, Alchemist, Tailor, and Blacksmith are now displayed on your Villager’s respective achievement redemption page! There is also now a "Recipe List" page showing which recipes are known and unknown to your Villager.

Hallowed Potion Recipe, Water of Life Recipe, and Pumpkin Fertilizer have been excluded from Alchemist achievement requirements.

For Blacksmiths, the “Repair Something” achievement has been designated as a legacy achievement.

Items which have not yet been released, as well as older Treasure Hunt festival recipes, should not count towards achievement requirements.

Previous Festival Recipes
In order to help newer players meet certain achievements and complete collections, we are re-releasing certain recipes from previous festivals.

DIY recipes from previous Grande Tourney festival events have been released in the Tourney Shop.

Recipes from previous Serpent Festivals have been released as rare drops from the Serpent’s Pot.

Heartfelt Red Panda Stone Recipe, Heartfelt Rodent Stone Recipe, and Heartfelt Snake Stone Recipe have been added to the Cottage Shoppe.

We have plans to re-release certain other older festival items, and are aware of player requests to do so. While we want new players to be able to complete collections and achievements, we also want older players to feel confident that their time obtaining festival items was well-spent. It will always be much easier to obtain items during their respective festivals, and not every item will be re-released.

As a reminder, festivals are scheduled to resume in 2023, with the Serpent Festival.

Feast Update
As of now, undistributed Feast animal prizes are no longer needed to complete your Menagerie. Undistributed Feast button prizes are also no longer required to complete your Button Book.

Quest Updates
We hope you are all having an awesome summer! To celebrate the season, the following new items have been added to the Quest Shop.

Let's go on a Quest!

Questing Trophies are here! You may now redeem trophies based on how many quests you have completed. If you have already accomplished the number of quests needed to receive a trophy, you may claim it today! Trophies will display on your user profile, and will only display if you choose to claim them.

Be a champion Quester today!

From now on, seeds will not be requested in quests or from the Plush Collector. The quantities of requested plants have been increased to reflect this change, and the Plush Collector will now also ask for plants.

Items which are asked for in quests are now tagged as such. Please be aware that questable status may fluctuate due to site balancing over time, especially as we revise and tweak other aspects of the site.

That is all for today!
- Quinn and Aspen -

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    • Thank you for adjusting the achievements! and rereleasing some recipes!

    • Excellent news <3

    • What a great update! ^^

    • Thank you for fixing the achievements and for adding the older schemas. And I love that new shell!

    • All these new items looks neat, thank you for the update.