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Posted by Owner-Aspen on 22 Dec 2023, 5:41 pm


The Snow Festival starts NOW and will run until 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 7th.


Every year, the Snow Fairies come out of hiding to play with the residents of Tigereye Peak and help us greet the chilly winter season. We've encouraged them to travel far and wide across Furvilla, so you'll be able to celebrate with them too!

*shines brightly*

Find the Fairies!

Many types of fairies will befriend your Explorers. Some will drop festival-specific stickers, stones or other items. Others will give a boon to your villagers. You may learn about each of these fairies at the Snow Festival Hub!

As you explore, you'll encounter fairies easily at first. As you collect a lot of fairies, they will slowly become more rare. Don’t worry though, this resets every even hour, then they will become plentiful again!

New Fairies!

Two new Fairies have arrived in Furvilla, the Sock Fairy, which will drop wintery outfits, and the Equipment Fairy, which will drop a fine weapon. If you are very lucky, the Equipment Fairy will also drop a Snow Festival Chest, which will grant equipment items from past Snow Festivals.

Who doesn't love socks?

Updates to Older Fairies

*flutter, flutter*

As of this year, the Bell Fairy will no longer drop while exploring, but is available in Snow Festival Chests and by battling in the Northernmost Rim Battleground.

Candle Fairy has returned, and can be found while exploring or battling in the Northernmost Rim. It will drop new keepsake items.

Candy Cane Fairy has returned, but cannot be encountered by exploring or battling. It has a very small chance of dropping from the Plush Fairy. It now drops one random magical plush.

Snow Pets and The Water of Life


The Snow Festival Snow Pet Fairy drops one of any new or previously released Snow Pet!

They are cold to the touch, but have warm hearts.

During the festival, this year's newest Snow Pets (cobra, poodle, jellyfish and chinchilla) breed quite fast, with cool-downs of only two days. New Snow Pets will be breedable until January 31st.

By donating any Snow Pet to Rainbow Falls, (accessible from the Snow Festival Hub), you will be awarded a number of Vials of Lifewater. Alchemists may use this precious ingredient to create a special potion, the Water of Life.

6542-water-of-life-recipe.png6541-a-vial-of-lifewater.png 6540-useful-flask.png6517-water-of-life.png

Water of Life must be used from the inventory on a sterile animal in your inventory. That sterile animal will be made permanently breedable with +2 maximum breeding charges. You’ll still need to use a Revitabite Biscuit to “recharge” those charges.

The following animals refuse to drink this potion:

Snow Pets, Plantanimals, Mechanical Pets, Daily Wheel Exclusive Pets, Abada, Dark Drax, Elemental Drax, Rubble Runts, Ant Farm, 'Yote, Bard Kitsune, Mystic Kitsune, Spooky Kitsune, Festive Kitsune, Cloud Kitsune, Were-Kitsune, Sweeticorn, Feathered Serpent, Blazing Phoenix, Lesser Orchidcat, Dandy Lion Chaser, Rainbow Swan, and Battle Moos.

Water of Life Recipe, Useful Flask, and Revitabite Biscuits are permanently available in The Cottage Shoppe.

The ability to donate Snow Pets will last through February 1st. Rainbow Falls is available during each Snow Festival.

Northernmost Rim

You may even encounter a fairy rarely when you fight in the special wintery battleground, Northernmost Rim. Fight in this festival specific battleground to earn yearly exclusive items, and a lot of food!

A sampling of what awaits you at the Northernmost Rim.

Enjoy the Snow Festival and don't freeze your paws off!
- Aspen -

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    • Also...slight suggestion: It would be nice to have a special Snow Fairy storage gallery, like with the other collections (like we have for stones, keepsakes, etc)

    • just a heads-up...the new fairies are not showing up in the "Supply- special" inventory sort filter.

    • This is my first snow festival!! Very excited!!

    • Was hoping for another event. I remember there being different snow fairies at the last festival.

      cosmicvixen Have fun!

    • this is my first snow festival :3

    • Gosh, I love all the new villager colors and items <3

    • YIPPEE :D

    • Will there be Gingerbread Fairies? Those ars the ones I was looking forward to the most.

    • So sad the Candy Cane Fairie won't drop in the explores, I used to love getting that one.. *tosses candy canes, and clutches my cocoa as I head off to celebrate the Snow Festival ~ HURRAHHH!!! ^=^

    • yay the snow festival is here!!! i am in love with all the new stone and plushie entries from looking at the base and recolor list.