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User ID: #10084
Username: babbebbyb
Gender: Transmasc
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:15 pm

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might be coming back
output_pqkj33_by_babbebbyb-da8pqzc.gif18 year old artistoutput_pqkj33_by_babbebbyb-da8pqzc.gif

all painties by me with the exceptions of Cheese Doodles (by PurpleBubbleCat/77093), Grunge (by Priestguts/4519) and Cyrus (by klavier/67829)

I use the :^) emoticon way too much and I'm a little sorry

My shithole of a sibling is Lexxeck

Villages I've visited:
Olde Foxbury
Dragonsmaw Manor
Quetzal Palace

css by TropicalDeer with some color edits by me

Villagers 51

Comments 6

    • do you by any chance have a toyhouse?

    • hiya, finished the commission, really cute character btw!


      ty for commissioning me <3

    • My friend will be fine, thank you for asking

    • Thank you so much, friend! That means a lot to me! <3

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