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User ID: #10094
Username: Lyrebird
Gender: yes
Last Online: 17 Sep 2023, 5:27 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:16 pm

Profile description

A dirty thief and pumpkin-smasher. Whoops.

NOTE- I try to tag all my painties with the tag "blood sacrifices" so if you want to see more nonsense on villagers I no longer own, check it out
except for battile de bork or whatever its called
didn't make that one
not sure why it has the tag im using, but w/e

Prophet, thing of evil, prophet still, if bird or devil.

Proud owner of #1 best paintie no question

me: Yeah man I can css like a pro
me: *makes logo backwards*
me: awwww yis

I made all of my painties myself. Yep. All of them. Learning from mistakes is for DWEEBS

i litterally wrote all of the above during like the first few weeks of beta and haven't edited anything until now (6/23/17)
o h w e l l

(btw my aesthetic is "ms paint from the 90s" in case you wanted to kno, only the highest quality)

Villagers 20

Comments 24

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    • you have no idea how much i love your painties, they are all so good

    • omg i love ur painties!! theyre so colorful, creative and silly !! <3

    • idk if ive mentioned this before or not but your painties are literal goals thank you for blessing fv with these shitpost children <3

    • You have THE BEST painties, omg

    • What for the magic gembound plush?

    • !!!!!!!! he is super Dazzly now
      Thank u for giving him his Dazzle

    • screms
      we gotta give razzle his dazzle rip

    • whoa, your villagers are really cool!

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