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User ID: #101444
Username: Keenu
Gender: Female
Registered: 18 Jul 2017, 3:54 pm

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Selling all villagers


Villagers 17

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    • can i ask how much youd like for annie grim in fc (or fd, or any flight rising currency) ? she looks absolutely lovely

    • Thank you so much for the lovely doodle! Would you mind if I put it in her toyhouse? And if so, where would you like to be credited from? It's cool either way! Thanks again. (:

    • Asking price on Honk?

    • I'd be interested in purchasing Pacifica for either FD or FC.

    • Would you possibly sell Omnibuss for FC and if so how much?

    • With pony boy the paintie was made by dirtsaliva and this was sold to 3 people along with another copy that was white and then they made 3 bases and sold those 3 bases to another 3 people its own by multiple people I was around when dirt saliva used to be around ^-^ but thank you for trying to look out for me

    • they dont call me #2 on the karma board for nothing :yyy

    • untitled_by_snowshoees-dbown73.png from the draw the villager above you thread! :0 i saw the human art in her description and decided to draw her as a human ;0;

    • Would you sell Omnibuss for 400 FD?

    • Thanks a lot! I definitely need Elixirs because I'm grinding Deadly Monsters. :)

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