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User ID: #103676
Username: Bugdaze
Gender: Male
Last Online: 7 Jul 2020, 8:35 pm
Registered: 23 Aug 2017, 8:08 pm

Profile description

Hi, I'm Bug! I may or may not be a cat shapeshifter, you shall never know ;)

I just edited my gallery a bit, so now it's just cat shapeshifting related things. I only need one item now, the Magic Calico Sticker! Then my life will be complete... Until another cat plushie or sticker shows up, anyway.

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Comments 14

    • well seymour, i made it........ despite your directions.

    • Thank you so much!! That's really nice of you!! <3

    • I am going to thank you right now for the 'help' with upgrading my ship--appreciate the drops!

    • TavixTheDragon No problem,,, I'm dropping some more in since I don't need them uwu

    • Thanks for dropping adventure dial pieces in the giving tree! If you have any you want to sell I'd be happy to buy some!

    • Can possibly trade some morphing potions for your magic Scottish fold Plush?

    • Falorie No mother, it's just the northern lights.

    • Seymour! The house is on fire!
      (saw your sig lol)

    • Fellow bug friend! Hello!

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