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User ID: #122247
Username: Unnamed-light
Gender: Genderflux Demigirl
Registered: 28 Oct 2018, 3:59 pm

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Profile under construction!!

Maybe back from hiatus!


I LOVE anything to do with Moths!
@ mods I share an IP address with Squidily
4752-dragonsmaw-crest-button.png my heart is in Dragonsmaw 4752-dragonsmaw-crest-button.png

I'm Moth Mum (trying to get a username change), I live in Canada, Ontario and enjoy it! I'm Autochorissexual/ aegosexual and If you don't know what that means feel free to PM me, I don't bite! I love Vocaloid and UTAU, if you wanna talk just PM me^^ I hope you enjoy reading the rest of what I have to say!


Current Goals:
-Giving all of my villagers a personality
-giving all my villagers a song

Future Goals:
-Give every villager a pet
-Give every villager a full profile
-get a Magic Spell Caster Saggitari Sticker

Fan Badge (90 day log in) on April 1st, 2019
my birthday is February 4th
feel free to drop me a PM on anything!
Collector of Cowpuccino's.

spiny_stars.gifIn need of some hopeful quotes? Click my villager named Hope or click herespiny_stars.gif

furcoins.gif furdollars.gif

My ever growing love for Hawks is the meaning for the Topaz feather in my Gallery

Villagers 44

Comments 25

    • Thanks for the friend request. It's always nice to meet new people on here :)

    • Thank you for the fc :3 I really appreciate it!

    • Thank you so much for the vista!

    • Ayyy I'm Autochorrisexual/Ace, too!

    • Thank you so much for the welcome and potion! I really appreciate it! I am also ace so it is fun to see other ace users on this site. : )

    • please don't feel bad at all! it's always the thought that counts. ♡

    • Amnesia
      I feel bad for just giving you a gem raptor Morphing potion because I know it's cheep.

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