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User ID: #122247
Username: Unnamed-light
Gender: Genderflux Demigirl
Registered: 28 Oct 2018, 3:59 pm

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Profile under construction!!

Maybe back from hiatus!


I LOVE anything to do with Moths!
@ mods I share an IP address with Squidily
4752-dragonsmaw-crest-button.png my heart is in Dragonsmaw 4752-dragonsmaw-crest-button.png

I'm Moth Mum (trying to get a username change), I live in Canada, Ontario and enjoy it! I'm Autochorissexual/ aegosexual and If you don't know what that means feel free to PM me, I don't bite! I love Vocaloid and UTAU, if you wanna talk just PM me^^ I hope you enjoy reading the rest of what I have to say!


Current Goals:
-Giving all of my villagers a personality
-giving all my villagers a song

Future Goals:
-Give every villager a pet
-Give every villager a full profile
-get a Magic Spell Caster Saggitari Sticker

Fan Badge (90 day log in) on April 1st, 2019
my birthday is February 4th
feel free to drop me a PM on anything!
Collector of Cowpuccino's.

spiny_stars.gifIn need of some hopeful quotes? Click my villager named Hope or click herespiny_stars.gif

furcoins.gif furdollars.gif

My ever growing love for Hawks is the meaning for the Topaz feather in my Gallery

Villagers 44

Comments 25

    • Thank you! <3

    • No problem ^^ It's not really high value stuff but I hoped some of them would be useful to others!

    • Thank you for the ping, you are so sweet! I totally think of you as my friend, Moth! You and Squid both are so helpful when you can be, and youve both also been super nice since we met.

      You and squid are cool beans :3c

    • i dont read the manga so when hawks got introduced i was thriving. i LOVE HIM he's such a dork with a cool guy complex

    • Nice to meet you too ^^

    • Hello fellow bnha fan! (Or just Hawks, he's awesome by himself too ^^)

    • You deserve it! ^;__;^
      To whomsoeverelse finds this message:
      Give this one kind words and encouragement!

    • Thank you so much for the deer sticker! <3

    • hello, thanks for telling me how to get the dollars..... but I am new here so it will take a while for the daily log in thing... I'm trying to sell things and I'm not going to use my money to buy the dollars... I have my character all drawn out... well I used a base cuz it looks cool.... but thank you!!!

    • Thanks for the cider :>

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