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User ID: #123179
Username: Sewhai
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Oct 2019, 12:43 pm
Registered: 21 Nov 2018, 2:18 am

Profile description

Hiya! The Name is Strudle! I’m excited to be here on Furvilla with a lot of other Furries!

I am a She/Her

I am Pansexual (leaning twards girls)

I’m very open and talkative! Come chat with me!

Lots and lots of FC and FD
Any and all magic stickers (that I don’t have)
Any and all stickers(that I don’t have)
Any and all magic Plushes(that I don’t have)
Any and all Plushes(that I don’t have)
Any and all recipe cards that tibbles doesn’t have yet
Any and all pets(that I don’t have)
Paintie Tickets

Oh yeah! I also hoard
Dragon Hides
Fairy dust
Star dust
And Anything that helps make food!

So please help me out!

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    • Yeah, I was disappointed too. It wasn't just the ending, it was pretty much all of all of season 3, and how they switched the voice actors and some of the pronounciations on us lol. I hope if they make a new season they change some of those

    • The profile descriptions are actually done with BBCode. :) Still, I can message you and show you the code I personally use. :D

    • Ah, thank you! Sure, feel free to! I'm not the first one to do something like that. :)

      At one point I sold a lot of stuff for FD. Easy to get FD that way. Also if you're like me, you've had a few low digit villagers and those can be sold for some FD too. I've also been keeping the login streak going for a long time now, so I've got a lot of paintie tickets that way, so I don't need to use FD to buy them. :)

    • Aaa, I know right?! :o it's such an underrated show and it needs more love <3

    • Nice to see other DR fans on here but Ouma is my fave character. XD

    • Woot! Candy so so precious UwU

    • Aww thank you. ;0;

    • Heehee, thankyou!

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