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User ID: #12329
Username: StripedPanther
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 10 Jul 2020, 4:47 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:52 pm

Profile description

I do not plan on going on this site as often as I have been. This site is not as fun as it was at first and has proven a few times they do not care much for their players. After the opening please see the links below for other places I am found.


All Painties done by myself unless stated otherwise in their profile!!

hi!! my names faith, or striped panther, panther, or SP!! Im 21

Check out my ID Page!

Add me on Furry Amino! My name is StripedPanther

Add me on Steam!

Battle.Net: SPanther #11534

my tumblrs are:

mute-mime.tumblr.com (RP blog for Wes from Don't Starve)
gory-details.tumblr.com (gore blog!!)

my sister is:

Tiggyloo #57631

my friends are:

AlaskanWyre #3054
Cherub #3573
Amaranthica #57653
Spacenerd77 #39230
Polkadot-Creeper #32955
SpectralFelinae #27965
TheBatter #26730

feel free to shoot me a friend request or chat!!


This Gorehare is by @Upui

Gorehares suffer from mutations which appear every week until they're fully mutated!

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    • You're art is amazing! <3 Do you have a link to an art/paintie shop? :o

    • the art on your page is gorgeous and just

      I'm not too into gore but hot dang you're good at art.

      Also your painties ? ?? I'm .. :')

    • ty for using patronizing snap's fine services! he's workin hard and doin his best 8)

    • Yo, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had a really, really good day. ♥

    • Eep! Your gore blog gave me life. I didn't expect such a gem to pop up browing Furvilla. <3 And adore the art on your profile.

    • Spoiler Alert: Doodle didn't end up fixing it. :P Oh well.

    • Thank you for your comment OvO

    • Thanks so much for your nice comment <3 Your sief is looking super cute ahh

    • omg i totally missed the notification for that comment on Seneca, THAT'S SO CUTE AAAAH TY

      he's doing his best lmao

    • I love that you put junkrat in your signature

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