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User ID: #14981
Username: Xen
Gender: Male
Last Online: 23 Dec 2020, 1:18 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:10 pm

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Hunter/Xen - ENFP - 19 - University Student
Instagram - Twitter - Toyhouse - DeviantArt


Hey there, I'm Xen, I don't use this site anymore. If you want to contact me, please message me on any of the sites above, thanks.

Anon Fairy 2k16
The Fur Fairy/The Snail Fairy

(Click images to be taken to the artist's page! (My Avatar+Signature art was made by myself, minus the pride pawprints, those were made by Kaisaria .)


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    • tyvm lol, i love my sig a lot too! it was made by kroevolkture here on fv, their stuff is super cool ^^

    • Enjoy~ <3

    • three actually B) although..a lot of ppl would like to think the third one doesnt exist LMAO hoo boy

      um !! i mostly interact w/ the fandom on tumblr but theres LOTS of activity on deviantart as well (although i dont..like...browsing the tags there for reasons lmao)

    • yE we're still out there lmao, the fandom's actually surprisingly active ?? like. SUPER ACTIVE its great

    • i just want to say that i love your sonas ?? and i love your art style as well !!


    • Your signature/profile gif is so cute!

  • Comment has been hidden

    • hhhhh I am blushing, thank you!!! Good stuff to read before bed I gotta say!! <3

    • behold, it is I
      most manly on your profile
      refusing to Stop.

      -A Spoopy Haiku, By Me

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