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Username: Xen
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Last Online: 23 Dec 2020, 1:18 pm
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Hunter/Xen - ENFP - 19 - University Student
Instagram - Twitter - Toyhouse - DeviantArt


Hey there, I'm Xen, I don't use this site anymore. If you want to contact me, please message me on any of the sites above, thanks.

Anon Fairy 2k16
The Fur Fairy/The Snail Fairy

(Click images to be taken to the artist's page! (My Avatar+Signature art was made by myself, minus the pride pawprints, those were made by Kaisaria .)


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    • That's fine! Sorry for not replying right away, myself. xD I felt a little meh but now I'm okay enough to reply. ^^;

      Yaaay another worried person! :D Usually when I tell people that they're like "lol why not just force yourself to?" and I cringe so much haha.

      I bought rights to a really cool but very small closed species a while back, called Flowercage Ponies -- yes, another MLP species xD but recently I've been trying to make it its own thing as much as possible for people who dislike MLP by making them anthro, -- and it's actually worked! ...well, at least a little bit. :P I think even though they're ponies, that they have more potential than some that I've seen. They're pretty much spirits that take the form of a pony with antlers and an open chest cavity that flowers and plants live in, kind of being used as a secondary host for the pony, since Flowercage's don't have organs. I've been working on a rewrite of the story for the owner to check over since I've been working closely with them to make the species more interesting for people, so things might change a bit. :P

      I almost always have artblock and it sucks! But goddamn idk why but Flowercage ponies have become my #1 creative thing which probably doesn't help me learn to draw better. :') I kinda wish I could draw something else right now but each time I try it looks awkward. D:

      Oh well, at least I have something, right? xD

    • necessary* whoops

    • I always feel really bad after I ninja somebody though aaa I do feel as if it's nessecary to send something

    • Haha of course not~ random friend requests are fun. ^^ I've thought you were cool too for quite a while, but I'm a scaredy cat who doesn't start conversations unless someone hints they wanna talk or they outright ask to talk haha. I'm just overly paranoid. :P As for what's up? Not much, just YouTube, and I'm gonna start finishing a custom soon and then go onto making another adopt, which is fun~ o3o I love inspirational days. xD Much better than sitting there unable to think of what to draw. ^^;;

    • Heya gastropod boi~ :3 sup?

    • sorry, someone else offered first! QAQ

    • wHEEZES AT YOUR COMMENT; wow, thank you so much, that seriously made my day/night. feel free to add me, I don't mind at all! (●´ω`●)

    • I love your sneeple (snail people)

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