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Username: Xen
Gender: Male
Last Online: 23 Dec 2020, 1:18 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:10 pm

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Hunter/Xen - ENFP - 19 - University Student
Instagram - Twitter - Toyhouse - DeviantArt


Hey there, I'm Xen, I don't use this site anymore. If you want to contact me, please message me on any of the sites above, thanks.

Anon Fairy 2k16
The Fur Fairy/The Snail Fairy

(Click images to be taken to the artist's page! (My Avatar+Signature art was made by myself, minus the pride pawprints, those were made by Kaisaria .)


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    • Ello! Sure, you can totally friend request me. I'm always up for some new friends and don't be shy to speak to me whenever you'd like! To be honest, I've never met any other Dodo birds yet. I know my people are out there, we are just very scattered (and scatter brained)! 8D;

    • Ah, you've got Shifties set out for your Snail and Slug Sonas, I see? Let me know when they get approved - I'd love to see their painties.

    • Fucc the polis


    • Hi there, don't mind me!~
      //adds you as a friend >w>

      I always feel like I'm going to fall into your profile...

      Glitch is also the first Angelic Bear I have seen
      oh my goodness-

    • It's not a problem at all! I hope you got something good out of it c:

    • We seem to like some of the same things. OuO Nice sonas, by the by.

    • Hi! Just popping by to say your new forum signature art is very cute <3

    • Heyyyyy you seem pretty dang cool and like a really chill dude
      Keep being awesome, my snail/slug brethren

    • Goshdangit stop being so cool! Here I was expecting to feel guilty when I ended up getting to your comment but I'm not feeling guilty at all. ^^ well, still kinda guilty because I went to sleep before replying... but still. >~> not too guilty. Which is a blessing for me. :P

      I think everyone has seen them at this point. ^^; I'm practically obsessed! Plus I love my 'sona too much and pimp her out every chance I get... xD But anyway, I'm not the one to thank for the awesomeness of the species, I'm just helping get some traction from people who may not be interested in ponies by making them anthro. The species is perfect on its own and only needs background tweaking, thankfully. ^u^ I kinda wish I was good at creature design, too haha. The only thing close to a species I've made is my Herbalist, Ringo... I don't think placing a TV on a bird and adding a few wires is very original, though. :P I've done a few cliche monster girls with bits thrown together, too, aaaand once again, not very original. xD I kinda wish I had creativity to do that stuff completely, though. I used to be good at it but now I just fail hardcore haha. I'm better at improving ready-made species than anything.

      True, but I mean, even stuff I could draw close to perfect before looks like shit for some reason? Idk how or why, but it just does. :s I'm very much still forcing myself to learn proper human anatomy though, 'cuz damn am I bad at that... xD But just like you, I'm still learning and it's fine. :3 Thanks btw, I'm glad my art is good to you. ^^; I'm still very much discouraged when it comes to art outside of Flowercages, though. But I'm starting to think I might do well if I just do busts for the timebeing. But idk how to price them so might need to make another price my art thread. xD

      Anyway, sorry for the late reply again! ^^; have a nice day / night!

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