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User ID: #61
Username: Kaisaria
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Jan 2021, 5:03 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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Stats: Adult Female, Polywere Therian (Snow Leopard/Eastern Dragon)
Profession: Wife and Artist/Craftsman
Hobbies: Tabletop RPGs, Drawing, and Knitting/Crochet
Values: Immersion in games, Manners, and Courtesy to others
Peeves: Spammers and trolls, Loud music, Insects of any kind
Favourite Things:
•~ Season: Winter
•~ Colour: Purple
•~ Flavour: Lemon
•~ Animal: Polar Bear
•~ Instrument: Cello



If you venture up high enough on Tigereye Peaks, you'll start to hear the murmur of voices and the clatter of hammers and tools echoing on the wind. If you press onward you'll eventually reach a small cave opening in the mountainside. As you duck through the cave entrance the walls start to gloss over with ice further and further in, and the cave widens gradually. Once your round a corner the cave opens up drastically into a massive cavern. Ice covers all of the walls giving the appearance of being made of glass or crystal. The high ceiling above is covered over with ice, thin enough that you can see the surreal, frosty version of the sky above.

There are several igloos set up around the cavern and people going about their tasks. A Jackolope tends to a garden of hardy plants growing out of what looks like a makeshift planter. A gembound sitting a little ways off sneezes and a blue slime chimera starts tending to her illness, it's snake tail handing the body ointments from a table behind them.
Some ways off a Wickerbeast and a cobra are Sparring with icicles. The ice outside clinking on the ceiling above is a soothing white noise to the little village. Everyone is in good spirits and taking pride in the work they do.

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    • hehe Thank you <3
      Gemmies gotta stick together! <3

    • You are an angel on earth, thank you!

    • You are awesome

    • Oh trust me I get livid over the amount of...stuff going on here. There's no need for all the 'omg transphobia' whenever anyone says anything, it's seriously stupid IMO. We should all realize that not everyone is hateful and just chill sometimes. I get more hate from the LGBT community than any other

    • " I've seen as much cishet hate and phobia as I have trans or non-hetero. Maybe more."
      Thank you for saying this! I agree so much, and I'm a transguy.

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    • Thank you! It took me like five hours to get his markings to how I liked them. I love when people base their painties on real life critters.

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