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User ID: #15228
Username: moxxi
Gender: Two-Spirit
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:23 pm

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sunny || 22 || she/they || canada
INFJ/P ; 3w4 ; True Neutral ; Sage/Server ; Optimist
Hello! I'm Sunny!
I haven't logged on in years and I'm
trying to grasp all the new stuff.
Random friend invites are all accepted.
Twitter || DeviantART || Toyhou.se

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    • Same username as on here - RedlaSunShowers029! Thanks!

    • Wanted to let you know that I sent the money over for Eden a couple days ago. Could you send over over to my TH? Thanks!

    • Just letting you know I sent the $10 for Andromeda <33 And my TH again is xarazura ^^

      I understand being all over the place heh, I've been like that too for the last few days... I hope you reach your money target quickly and hope things are okay <3

    • whAT the HEKC its so cute thank you?? Poorly my ass

    • your forum icon is so cute, i love eevee so much ;;

    • Thank you so much!! <3
      And I LOVE!! your profile CSS!

    • In love with sSerafine and everyone else! I love her story and visted and her skill tree- oh my gosh goals!! <33

    • Hi friend, I changed my username but I'm sure you noticed. Also every time I see your Eevee avatar it makes me happy

    • I really love your painties and you're always super level-headed on the forums, keep being you!

    • just wanted to say you're pretty rad and i agree with a majority of your opinions. keep doing you and ignore the negative people, they'll never get anywhere in the end.

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