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User ID: #152819
Username: GrubbelSnapper
Last Online: 26 Jan 2021, 2:13 pm
Registered: 22 Sep 2019, 8:27 am

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*profile still under construction*

Hello there! I’m really new to furvilla and I’m still trying to figure everything out ^^
I’m a huge fan of creepy stuff especially characters! (If you like horror in general I’d love to chat)
I’m very talkative but also pretty nervous, please keep that in mind if I’m taking long to get back to you ^^’

I’ve never interacted with other people over the internet until very recently, I have anxiety but I’m trying to come out of my shell and figured this might be a good start!

Feel free to message me! I love to talk in general and am part of quiet a few fandoms, but I wouldn’t mind being introduced to new ones! :O

I have a lot of ocs who I’d love to talk about! (it’s my own way of fleshing them out, I find it quiet helpful)

Sorry if this was a lot, I’ll get it tidied up when I figure out how this site works

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    • You know, with the updated AI for the horses in rdr2...It is still stupidly easy to fling your horses off the cliff (even if it ends up killing you in the meanwhile). All you got to do is run max speed or spam the jump button :). I usually do that to horses I don't want instead of simply selling them. I am kinda avoiding rdr1 due to the fact my johny boi goes BlEH.

    • Of course! Rdr2 is my life :D. My favorite part is falling off a cliff and than getting attacked by a predator while my horse is taking forever to get back up.

    • Aaa thank you for the potions! And if you ever wanna talk about Skyrim (or anything in fact), you can always come to me

    • have a great day yourself! :D

    • Thank you very much. Any amount of salt and FC is always useful and appreciated! What kind of species potions would you like? I can give you Leodon, Saggitari, and Snuffle if you want.

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