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User ID: #1528
Username: Shadowfox
Last Online: 30 Nov 2021, 9:27 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:09 pm

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I play on many different sites, here are all the links my account on the other sites:

Feel free to send me a message on any of the sites if you want to chat :-)

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    • AAA I SEE! Sorry, as I said, warrir career is not for me

    • For some reason I have it equiped but it doesn't show up in battle, a glitch maybe? oh no

    • That item is so expensive aaaaa!!! Thank you so much! Are you sure though? I can give it back whenever you want too

    • Well there are counters to every build and this one is no exception. Currently you can get around 1200 mitigation but often focusing on defense will leave your offense wanting. Still, with more of the physical damage build variety increasing I'm sure they will release more to counter it. But don't lose hope, I still lose quite often it just happens to be for a few select reasons. Having an item that boosts mitigation a lot and lowers resistances would be super cool. I might have to hang onto my sunder amulets and mace 8P

    • Hello my good fox fren!
      I forgot you give you thanks for the fox potion, with your help I will successfully become a fox potion hoarder!

    • Of course! As long as everything was given to me and was paid for, I can do that~! Of course I'm not liable for what grade it comes out as, but whatever comes out, no matter the grade, I'll send their way~

    • Honestly, probably not xD And I'd much rather them first focus on making more and better crystals for the current items, than making new ones for a slot that never had them before XD

    • ;0; Thank you so kindly, furrriend!

    • Ya, that's about the damage I'm doing with an electric build with the feathered necklace, wand of electrify, lightning form amulet, and saul's cursed hammer... and Hale's ring too XD

    • I decided to bring out an old warrior to find them equipped with some. I figured I'd go ahead and repair them and store them. Thanks for having a smithy that is well and ready to work! So many are sick or have broken houses..

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