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User ID: #163062
Username: ghostemane
Gender: Male
Registered: 14 Dec 2019, 11:34 am

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    • Thank you so so much <3

    • No, no! It's quite alright! (I actually need a house, so-) I don't want to make you send me anything!

    • That's okay! You can keep the Wickerbeast bab <3

    • tysm, have a great day! n_n

    • would you mind if i renamed her and set a different profile? (just asking because some people prefer to keep names the same.)

    • alright, i got it n_n

    • oof, whoops. I'll just get another slot then. sorry about that 'n_n

    • Sorry, I meant I'd like to buy the regular chibi cat. Not the paintie'd one. XD

    • ah, he’s from 3-Below, on Netflix :>

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