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User ID: #198105
Username: EchotheDutchie
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 28 Feb 2021, 9:29 pm
Registered: 23 Oct 2020, 4:59 pm

Profile description

You walk into a normal-seeming room, but no one seems to be here. You notice a peculiar mango smell in this place, and soon after, you spot mangos laying randomly on the table. As you walk up to the table, exploring the room, all of a sudden a gray dutch angel dragon walks in from another room. "Hello", the dutchie says. "I'm Echo, you?" You tell the dutchie your name, still confused about who they are. "Well then, hello ___", Echo says. "What are you here for?" You explain that you were just exploring, and don't know what this place is. Echo says, "Ah, this is my art shop, or house. I live and work here, kinda odd, I know." Would you like any art?" You tell Echo, that you were just looking around. "Oh, well feel free to come back anytime then." You say bye and start walking out of the shop. "Bye, have a nice day!", says Echo. You walk very far, when you suddenly remember the mangos on the table. Why were there mangos on the table, if that was an art shop?

Anyways, I'm Echo! I'm very social and like to meet new people. I'm also a digital and traditional artist that sometimes opens up for commissions. I'm a young furry and a minor, so just keep that in mind. You could probably also tell that I LOVE mangos. Anyways, I hope you have a great day today (or great night lol). Thanks for visting my account!

My irl friend is garfieldNcheese


Villagers 10

Comments 16

    • You're very welcome! I adore your active villager btw! Sooooo cute! <3

    • Nah, No worries. I fucking love Hamilton

    • Again you are most welcomed! They are so cute! :D

    • Aww thank you! Again can't wait to see you're lovely Manokit in all his\her\in between glory! :Dc

    • FD amount is perfect! Didn't want to ping you again on the thread, but look at my last post? Thank you, btw! ^^

    • Well you deserve it! Thanks! =)

    • You're welcome! I do hope it was enough to not be an insult. =)

    • Ohhh and I L O V E mangos! Yum!

    • Awww that poem gets to me too. She was my baby girl, always in my heart! Thanks so much!

    • Thank you! So cute!!

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