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User ID: #206490
Username: willowfoox
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 21 Jan 2022, 11:44 pm
Registered: 18 Jun 2021, 7:19 pm
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Not real trophies:.
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thanks for checking out my profile. 9c7454e434f6ee784a5e628c72dbaf78.jpg

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    • No problem! I breed pets every day, so I decided to drop off some good pairs ofminipets at the Giving Tree from now on.

    • you can make your own with the ninja trophy and just edit a minipet you like on top of it and color it in with trophy colors.

    • Sorry but I'd rather have them on my profile itself. most people make their own trophies and use. as long as you don't claim them to be real. you can make your own fox trophies if you know how.

    • Just so you know Paintie tickets are worth 377000FC in stalls you can try saving up FC for a ticket over FD. might be easier.

    • No problem, thank you for making them!

    • Again it's [img] link goes here [/img] you need both not just one and no spaces when posting it all needs to be together

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