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User ID: #25152
Username: Grandeeney
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 Jan 2021, 10:51 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:35 pm

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I was introduced to the website by my husband DeltaMx94 . There is nothing much about me, I have a hard time talking to people too though I hop on the forums when I need to trade or buy something. I try to be more active in the forums but its oddly hard for me.
I also have a hard time reading and typing so if something I type doesn't make sense or if I have a hard time understanding what you wrote please let me know.

No need for you to thank me for a buying something from your stall, I buy the cheapest in stalls like everyone else.

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    • Thank you for drawing my sona! I only just saw adfhkdj I love it!

    • Thank you for the sticker! <3

    • Aaaah, thank you! I didn't wanna ask, I mean it was free after all (in a sense) asgdkf it was kind of you to do that ;u;

    • Thank you for the drawing, it’s really cool, love the lineless style! <3

    • Hey, thank you for the plush! I'm really sorry for making my wishes difficult^^;;

    • I'm leaving Furvilla because I don't have time for it anymore so I'm shooting stuff randomly to people before changing my password to something random.

    • The art that you did of Avaris is super adorable.
      Thank you!

    • Thanks for keeping the thread monitored.

    • Thank you for the sticker! Was there something you'd like too?

    • Molten is very happy to see you

      I don't know why..

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